Absolute: “anything and everything”. FLY 60 and Coupé 48 parade in Cannes and Genoa

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The Podenzano-based shipyard will be exhibiting two rare Made in Italy yachting pearls at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show: the Absolute 48 Coupé and Absolute 60 FLY.

That at Vieux Port, Absolute-Navetta-48 on the Côte d’Azur, promises to be a truly exclusive scene of the highest level, with Absolute playing a leading role in setting up the finest nautical exhibition on its reserved quays in the Pantiero Zone (PAN 214), from September 7-12.

In Cannes, after a break forced by the pandemic, this year sees the 34th edition of the coastal yachting festival. Absolute will be exhibiting a total of eleven models, on which visitors will be able to get on board with a sense of excitement, well supported by the dealer network for the necessary technical details. In addition to the two above-mentioned novelties, Absolute will also be exhibiting its famous Navetta 64. Other nautical gems include the FLY 47/50/62 and the Navetta range with the magnificent 48/52/58/68/73 models. Absolute has also activated a specific channel on its website for booking visits on board, available here.

At the 61st Genoa Boat Show, the shipyard will be exhibiting the new Absolute 48 Coupé and 60 Fly, as well as a part of the Navetta range, with the 52/58/64 models, and the 62 FLY. To get on board, it is advisable to announce yourself by following the dedicated format on the Absolute web page, reserved just for bookings. The yachts in Genoa can be seen at the booths reserved for Absolute and will all be on quay ‘E‘ from September 16-21.

Absolute 48 Coupé: bold and unquestionable

Exteriors-48Coupé Those who see and sea trial the Absolute 48 Coupé will have to jealously preserve their memories. To experience the thrill of it, of course, you either have to buy it or at least go to the Genoa and Cannes boat shows. But an anticipation worthy of the name can be summed up in a few significant concepts: absolute horizon, luxury applied to nautical excellence, comfort and versatility. Moreover, the Absolute 48’s concern for the marine environment is reflected in the fact that it guarantees the necessary autonomy at anchor through a set of two-kilowatt mono-crystalline flexible silicon solar panels installed on the roof, one of which is transparent insulating glass to safeguard the primary (and always satisfied) objective of assiduously seeking transparency on board.

The electric vertical windows change the appearance of the boat, opening up to the marine environment and ensuring that the routine on board always enjoys the free spectacle that the sea offers sailors non-stop. In fact, even at the stern the parapets are glazed and open up the view of the beach area almost flush with the water. There are three cabins worthy of a stately villa, which renew the concept of nautical habitability on the sea, adapting it to the highest architectural standards and providing furnishings and design accessories on a par with an ultra-luxury real estate. In a length of about 15 metres, this cruiser encompasses all the best of Made in Italy, including the freedom of navigation driven by two 353 kW D6 IPS650 inboard engines.

Times change with the Absolute 60 FLY

Absolute 60 FLY is that Absolute-Yachts-navigation forerunner of that marine physicality that has come to be known as ‘yacht’, but which actually encompasses a number of features that go by the name of nautical beauty. That’s what a lot of boatyard competition is aiming for. “It is the yacht that will change the market“, and here too the excitement is reserved for the select few in the press who have had the opportunity to try her out at sea. The Absolute 60 FLY has an enviable directionality, she leaves a trail of water on the sea that says a lot and is an unequivocal sign of a very efficient steering system. The boat has an overall length of 18.66 meters and a maximum beam of 4.94 meters. Below deck, the sleeping zone consists of three luxury cabins.

Cockpit-Absolute-60-Fly The winning feature is always the transparency of the extra-large “rectangular portholes” below deck, which give the impression of being rocked by the sea. In addition, the video system delimits the wall in front of the double bed, in a trio of changing scenarios between virtual television and the marine environment. Furthermore, there is a cabin with direct access in the stern than can be compared to a small studio apartment. Above the crew cabin, with direct access to the huge open space on the main deck, a further outdoor lounge guarantees long conversations at sunset sitting on the sofas that are set against each other without limiting the view, because they each look out onto the splendid terrace that makes up the cockpit open to the sea. The side-decks are spacious and always covered, almost as if this were a theft of a prerogative previously reserved only for superyachts. Starting from the spacious flybridge, which includes an open-air saloon on all four sides, we find the hardtop covered with green energy, thanks once again to a system of 1.5 kW photovoltaic panels. One of the helm stations is located to the west of the yacht on the flybridge and is ultra-advanced in terms of on-board instrumentation, including a highly accurate electronic system for assisted mooring wihich can also be used via a joystick in the aft platform for more precision. The bow has been designed with the Portuguese deck in mind and boasts plenty of space for two face-to-face sofas and a large sunbathing area. But we can’t anticipate everything: the rest will be revealed at the boat shows.

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