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Absolute Yachts: unstoppable growth and rain of awards for the boatyard that everyone in the world likes

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Unstoppable rain of awards for Absolute Yachts. Just a few months after the designation of the Navetta 73 as “The most innnovative Boats” at the World Yachts Trophies, the Italian company has indeed received other two important awards.

Export2Succeed Absolute yachts
Absolute Yachts wins the Export2Succeed prize

Absolute Yachts has won the Export2Succeed prize for being the best exporting SME of the year.

The boatyard stood out among the nominated companies also thanks to its ” Absolute Global Project”, with which the Italian company trades its products all around the world, playing a leading role at 5 different boat shows a year.

Results clearly confirm this success: Absolute Yachts, in fact, exports its products in Europe (46%), United States ( 28%), Russia and Middle East ( 13%), Asia (8%) and Australia ( 4%).

500 Champions
Absolute Yachts’ figures showed at “500 Champions”

Absolute Yachts Sales Manager Cesare Mastroianni has explained the strategy of recent years: ” The well-known crisis at the end of the 2000s has given rise to our active reaction and our determination to overcome the market difficulties through an ambitious and expensive project: during the 6 years between 2012 and 2017, the company has never moved backwards, neither in terms of workforce and advertising investments nor, above all, in terms of investments for the ongoing renewal of our products. This led to the Global Project that has been involving us in three dimensions: technical, organization and communicative“.

The organization of the Italian business didn’t go unnoticed and many top finance experts and reporters have appreciated it. The team of the Economy sector of “Corriere della Sera” and “Italy Post” has indeed decided to select Absolute among the 500 “Champions” companies for its capacity to overcome the crisis through ongoing growth. The boatyard has successfully achieved the goal thanks to an overage growth of 21.83% between 2010 and 2018  and the building of over 80 boats in 2017.

The global success has also led to the foundation of Absolute of Americas, a society based in the United States to manage overseas sales. Future winks at Singapore and Hing Kong, exploiting the potential of the Asian market. The network of Absolute’s dealers is well-spread, with over 30 dealers all around the world.

Absolute Yachts Navetta 73
The Navetta 73, the flagship of Absolute Yachts’ fleet

Staff training and technological development are the key ingredients of this growth. The company makes its own style recognizable in every single boat while continuing to innovate them. The combination of comfort, luxury and performance continues to attract clients from all around the world.

Our secret has been the act of courage of our shareholders who, in the the hardest of times, have decided to invest more” concludes Matroianni in his analysis of all the difficulties the yachting industry was forced to face during the crisis.

The numerous awards won in this first half of 2018 will be an additional incentive for Absolute Yachts that has already announced lots of novelties for 2019.

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