cmc marine novelties
cmc marine novelties

CMC Marine in Cannes and Genoa with Stabilis Electra (and new partnerships)


CMC Marine, an international company known, among other things, for the production of the Stabilis Electra electrically dampened stabilization system for yachts and superyachts, will be present at the Cannes Yachting Festival and the Genoa Boat Show. Headquartered in Cascina (Pisa), CMC Marine has been very active since its inception in 2005. CEO of the company with over twenty years of experience is Alessandro Cappiello, at the head of 40 employees and strong company penetration abroad since 2020 with the birth of the US branch CMC Marine USA, which is part of the prestigious NNMA (National Marine Manifactures Association).

cmc-marine-nmma-alessandro-cappielloCMC Marine’s foreign-oriented approach also includes the Middle Eastern markets, which the company will cover in greater concentration thanks to a recent agreement with SAIM. Coincident with the opening dates of the Genoa Boat Show, the latter will effectively be CMC Marine’s distributor partner in six Arab countries belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council. 2021 has also been the year of the agreement with Eliche Radice, already historically involved in the production of rudder blades that will now be combined with CMC Marine’s pitch and roll stabilization and control systems. In 2021, the Cascina-based company is also partnering with Dockmate, a Belgian company operating in the sector of remote control systems.

CMC Marine’s partnerships are numerous and prestigious, including those with Confindustria Nautica, British Marine, US Superyacht Association and Water Revolution, a foundation under Dutch law, committed to protecting the marine environment and compiling a list to compare the ecological footprint of each superyacht.

In the “research and development” area, CMC Marine also collaborates with top Italian universities and technical departments of shipyards. As mentioned, the company’s operations focus heavily on superyachts. In this respect, CMC Marine’s systems are widely approved and well-referenced by the world’s best boat manufacturers. In 2009, the Italian company’s quality and innovation received further confirmation with the prestigious Qualitec Technology award at the Seatec Trade Show. In 2011, the company received the DAME international award, crowning its success at Boot Dusseldorf.

CMC Marine at the Genoa Boat Show

At the 61st Genoa Boat Show from September 16-21, CMC Marine will be displaying a Stabilis Electra HS 60 stabilizer, the Directa 80 steering system and the TP 60 thruster. The staff will welcome visitors at booth TM06, pavilion B on the upper floor.

CMC Marine at the Cannes Yachting Festival

cmc-marine-new-hs60The Cannes Yachting Festival certainly bodes well, if only because it was here that CMC Marine presented the world premiere of its Stabilis Electra stabilizer in 2008. The event gave the start to further technological development in the years to follow with the “Dia-Log”, a nautical control software that is fitted on the SE Integrated Systems produced by the company. As for this 40th edition of the Cannes Yacht Festival, the company reports that there it will “illustrate Argo, the system designed to control the mutual interaction of fin and rudder equipment

Argo integration system

Argo has been cmc-marine-argoinstalled on board fine superyachts such as Azimut Yachts’ Grande Trideck and the flexplorer Aurelia launched by Cantiere delle Marche. The system integrates fin and rudder control for improved yacht stability and better fuel consumption. “On yachts without Argo integration, the stabilizing fins would perceive the motion induced by the rudders and activate automatically to counteract it, thus causing the rudder to respond and resume the original course; the two systems continuously fight in a micro-correction loop”.

But there will be more surprises in Cannes. The company, in fact will also exhibit an electric STAB 25 fin in operation, a model from the Waveless line of electric and ultra-compact stabilization systems; a Stabilis Electra – High Speed HS160 fin, designed for planing boats which can exceed 24 knots; a BTM 85; and the Dualis Electra electric thruster, characterized by a high thrust/power ratio and great compactness. Where? At Palais 068.


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