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The Magazzù MX-13 Coupè Magazzu MX 13 Coupe is the central model of the amazing range of RIBs made by Magazzù, the historic Sicilian shipyard that, for over 50 years, has been manufacturing what are probably among the best boats in the world.

And it’s not surprising that this company, with its ability to trace the traits of extraordinarily beautiful boats with just a few yet very elegant lines and the capacity to build hulls with incomparable performance, has such a long history.

We’ve had the opportunity to sail a long time on board the Magazzù MX-13 Coupé, both in her T-Top and traditional version, and the following is the report of one among the most exciting sea trials we’ve ever experienced.

Magazzù MX-13 Coupè Sea Trial

Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, night lights If testing a boat also means being able to capture its essence, then the admiration generated by the passage of this Magazzù MX-13 is one of her main characteristics.

Even super yacht owners who, with their refined tastes, are used to recognize the value of a beautiful timeless design, turn to look at her.

And she is head-turning even for the women boat owners who are anxious to dock in Portofino or The Croisette at night and who, finally in their long party dress, are sure of the success of a match that, only on board this boat, doesn’t risk to clash and that, vice versa, is even maximized by the perfect arrangement of the night lights that illuminate the beautiful of both this Maxi RIB and its fortunate owners.

It Magazzu MX 13 Coupe in the open sea was under these conditions that, last year, while leaving Le Vieux Port of Cannes, though we were in the middle of a boat show, our Magazzù MX-13 Coupé made even professionals turn their head.

But to enjoy the other half of the wonder, it is necessary to go to the open sea. This is why we are in Palermo today. The sea conditions generated by the mistral of the recent days is an excellent testing ground and we don’t want to miss this opportunity.

And it is precisely here that this Maxi Rib reveals the rest of emotions which she is able of and it is sufficient to accelerate to realize that. Fitted with twin Volvo Penta D6-400 I/O engines, our Magazzù reacts promptly to the pressure on gas throttles and gets up on place in an instant, at just 10-11 knots, whithout never compromising her balance.

Sitting at the steering console, the view is excellent while throttles, joystick and electronic equipment are exactly where they should be. It’s under these sea conditions that we can realize that.

Magazzù MX13 Coupè Luca D'Ambrosio Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, steering joystick and electronic equipment

I accelerate progressively until I reach 23-23 knots. The navigation comfort is amazing, with total wind and water sprays protection. The hull is very soft and seems to be glued on the water. The credit of this certainly goes to the steps and the skids which it is equipped of, which is a characteristic difficult to find on other boats.

Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, aft The big long rounded waves don’t produce negative effects on our navigation and this makes me feel allowed to push throttles forward. I think it, I do it and, instantly, the MX-13 accelerates and pushes me back against my seat.

The GPS records the knots as a chronograph marks the tenths of a second and, in an instant, I’m running at over 40 knots in a sea that, if I were on another boat, would not allow me to go so fast.

Jumping from a wave to another, the hull never hits or slows down, the feeling of safety is absolute, so I decide to test the top speed. With throttles all down, I trim and, in a moment when waves give us a respite, I reach 47.6 knots.

I slow down and, Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, turns at about 30 knots, I start to perform some increasingly tighter turns. I turn and counter-turn without never noticing a flaw. At 27-28 knots, while I’m tracing a circle with a diameter of about 20 meters, I take my hands off the helm and observe the behavior of the Magazzù MX-13 Coupé. In response, she doesn’t care about that and goes on navigating without changing her turn radius.

This hull is simply superb. This Magazzù sails a bit like only a Bugatti can run on the road. As comfortable as a limousine, she is as sporty as a supercar.

I slow down and head for Mondello where we drop the anchor in 4-5 meters of water that to say clear would be an understatement.

Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, offshore navigation

Magazzù MX-13 Coupè T-Top: Deck and Interiors

Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, forward sun pad With the engines off, I explore the cabin that, in this version, is equipped with a double berth, a convertible dinette, a separate bathroom and a linear galley.

From the outside, I never imagined such a volume inside. Headroom is abundant and lighting systems, expertly arranged , give a sense of space that puts the borders of this environment beyond the mere physical space.

I climb back and study the deck plan; forward, the sun pad is unique and giant, sufficient to fully meet the needs of a day at sea marked by sun baths and dives.

Aft of the T-Top, Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, U-shaped sofa and aft sun pad a U-shaped sofa can accommodate 6-8 guests while marking the perimeter of the two aft sun pads, each of which can accommodate two passengers.

A central walkway leads to the stern where we can find a large platform with two pop-up bathing ladders, one on each side.

Everything is designed to be beautiful and functional, spacious and bright. Equally luxurious and refined are the finishes of this Maxi Rib, where the quality of materials and their workmanship are tangible and recognizable at first glance.

Magazzu MX 13 Coupe seen from the sky


Is she was a sailboat, she would be a Swan. If she was a powerboat, she would be a Riva. But she is a Maxi Rib and a Magazzù and, in this category, the shipyard itself represents the market reference in terms of class, luxury and elegance.

Any comparison would be inappropriate

Magazzù MX-13 Coupè T-Top – Performance

RPM Speed lt/nm l/h
600 4.3 0.6 2.6
1,000 6.8 1.2 8.2
1,250 8.4 1.7 14.3
1,500 10.3 2.3 23.7
1,750 12.4 2.7 33.5
2,000 17.8 2.5 44.5
2,250 22.1 2.4 53.0
2,500 26.7 2.4 64.1
2,750 31.7 2.7 85.6
3,000 35.6 2.8 99.7
3,250 38.9 2.9 112.8
3,500 45.9 3.1 142.3
3,600 47.6 3.2 152.3
Acceleration Speed Seconds
from 0 to 10 knots 3.3
from 0 to 20 knots 5.2
from 0 to 30 knots 8.1
from 0 to 40 knots 12.7
from 0 to max 15.7

Magazzù MX-13 Coupè : Technical Specs

Length 13.3
Max Beam 4.8
Cabins 1
Engine Type Stern drive or outboard
Power Max 1,200 HP
Water Tank Capacity 360 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 1,000 l
CE Category  B
Magazzu MX 13 Coupe, layout
Magazzù MX-13 Coupè T-TOP
Magazzù MX-13 Coupé layout 2
Magazzù MX-13 Coupé

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