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One of the latest products by Raymarine is Quantum CHIRP, a compact dome radar for pleasure-crafts navigation, provided with CHIRP impulse compression technology.

Among its main features, its extreme lightness and the ability to indentify and reproduce the different near or far targets in a very precise way. The CHIRP impulse compression technology uses multiple compressed radar impulses together with the exclusive advanced technology of ATX target separation by FLIR to display boats, cliffs, buoys and weather cellars, with high quality resolution and an excellent separation quality.

In narrow manoeuvring sectors, CHIRP technology allows the target identification with an only 6-metre-shadow cone, while, off-shore, Quantum offers long-distance pictures and precise target feedbacks. The integrated Quantum processing removes rain and sea noise echoes, it blocks the interferences coming from other radar systems and it allows easy-interpretation pictures, with no noise, in very crowded waters.

As we said, Quatum is very light, too: only 5.4 Kg, 50% less traditional magnetronic radars. Moreover, thanks to its wi-fi connection for multi-function Raymarine devices, the installation is very simple with no radar cables or interface boxes. On sailing boats, the solid planning and the high-quality electronics reduce electric absorption while increasing the battery autonomy.

“ We are very happy to launch our new CHIRP radar technology on pleasure-crafts market”, said Grégoire Outters, Vice-President and General Manager of FLIR’s Maritime department. ” This revolutionary technology, combined with our advanced ATX target separation technology, changes prospectives in terms of performances, simple use and connectivity”

Quantum CHIRP radar is available from 1,495,00 Euros + VAT.

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