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Sanremo, a yacht sinks but firefighters save it. The video.

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It happened in Liguria, in the port of Sanremo. A 24-meter Portuguese-flagged yacht was strongly shaken by the sea storm that affected the Ligurian Sea in early November.

The yacht, probably as a result of strong waves or due to a blunt object thrown against the hull by the waves, started to take on water during navigation.

A yacht risks to sink in Sanremo. The report


After leaving Marina degli Aregai, the boat set course for Toulon, France. But, once it arrived in the waters of Sanremo, the situation quickly took on the connotations of what could have been a disaster.

Near the Ligurian coast, in fact, the 25-meter yacht was seriously damaged. It is probably thought that a trunk or some other object moved strongly from the sea was to damage the hull. A large hole opened in the hull, and the yacht started to take on water quickly.

At that point, the captain promptly decided to enter the port of Sanremo, in the province of Imperia, where he managed to dock and call for help.

The crew, immediately rescued, left the field open to the intervention of the firefighters and the Port Authority. Divers dived into the water and temporarily repaired the large hole by nailing some plywood boards to the hull. Meanwhile, the coast guard delimited the naval unit with floating barriers, in order to prevent the diesel from leaking and polluting the waters.

Once the boat was secured, rescuers quickly positioned several water-scooping pumps with which they extracted most of the water entering the vessel. The operation was made even more complicated by the strong wind and the stormy sea that stirred the waters.

Only after hours of work, rescuers miraculously managed to prevent Beatris – this is the name of the boat – from sinking, irreparably polluting the sea and engaging even more the pockets of her owner. After a more thorough check, a second leak on the hull was identified, which made it impossible to make the yacht sail to the nearest shipyard.

Finally, a big crane, arrived from Savona, arrived. The crane was used to lift the boat and carry out temporary work to make it safe and prevent it from collapsing again. The following day, however, it was towed to the nearest shipyard.

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