Zar 95 Sport Luxury
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Zar 95 SL

A new world premiere at the 58th Genoa International Boat Show for ZAR Formenti that, as usual, will join the event with a new remarkable creation. The Ligurian event, indeed, will be the occasion to unveil the Zar 95 Sport Luxury, the new flagship of the range which already includes Zar 49 SL, Zar 59 SL, Zar 79 SL and Zar 85 SL.

The new flagship

Zar Formenti
The Zar Formenti’s fleet at sea

The new model will feature a more innovative deck design than the previous models as well as two large sun pads that, positioned both forward and aft, can be converted into as many dinettes. With an overall length of 9.60 meters and a width of 3.30 meters, the boat will offer comfortable open-air spaces, perfect for short-range cruises or to spend a night at the anchor, in addition to a cabin and a separate bathroom where passengers can enjoy a considerable headroom.

In the pilot station, the sporty driving console allows to install all the necessary navigation tools; pilot and co-pilot can benefit from enveloping ergonomic seats.

The performances of the Zar 95 SL will be entrusted to the distinctive V-hull, characterized by a deep forward profile and side “tunnels” for more dynamic performances; in the version which will be presented in Genoa, power will come from two Suzuki 350hp Dual Pro outboards.

In addition to the model which will be exhibited at the in-water external booth and made available for sea trials, dealers and visitors can also visit the new boat at the Zar Formenti’s booth at Pavilion B.

The Sport Luxury Line

A look at the the other RIBs of the Sport Luxury line

Zar Formenti 85 SL
The current flagship of the Zar Formenti’s Sport Luxury line, the Zar 85 SL

can help to imagine the new flagship: all of them feature innovative deck lines, a sporty hull and a bow specially designed to deflect water and keep the boat dry.

Thanks to its style, colour options ( white, black, light and dark grey), surprising patterns and mixed details, the line is highly appreciated by clients who love performances, design and shape.

As the name suggests, sport and luxury are the key elements of the line: not chase boats or tenders but real boats to enjoy both travel and stops. Lines are specially designed for a fast sporty sailing experience but also to provide passengers with elegant spaces where to enjoy the best possible comfort both in the port and at anchor.

Technical Specs

Length 9.60 m
Width 3.30 m
Tubes Diameter 0.60 m
Compartments 6
Passenger Capacity 14/16 (to be confirmed)
Minimum Power 300 hp / kW 220
Recommended Power 500/600 hp / kW 367/441
Maximum Power: 700 hp / kW 515
Shaft length XL (twin-engine) –XXL (single-engine)
CE Certification B

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