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A yellow submarine in the garage

In 2007 Triton Submarines entered into business to produce exactly what their name says: submarines (for recreational use). And has found market, since many models have been produced. The last born is interesting, since it appears to arrive from a specific request from the market: a yacht “standard” sized submarine to be housed in the garage. Since we’re talking about people who want to buy a submarine let’s not imagine small garages, but the design effort is appreciable anyway. Triton say that this compact and light model is “the natural evolution” of their products: that exploits all the technology, and reduces the dimensions.

The first Triton 1650 / 3 LP (Low Profile) is already under construction and should be consigned in september 2016. It has all the iconic characteristics of a submarine: obviously it’s yellow, and it has a transparent cover that shuts the small cabin that will transport the pilot and two guests. The submarine is 1,8 mt high, 2,65 mt width and 3,2 mt long and it weights about 4 tons (3.900 kg). In addition to the dimensions, another characteristic that makes the Triton 1650 / 3 LP particularly suitable to be used aboard of yachts, is that the guests mustn’t be on board while the submarine is lowered into water (with a davit similar to the one used for big tenders), but they must climb from the aft platform. Once boarded, the guests can reach comfortably the depth of 500 meters with: five IED lights to illuminate the seabed, atmosfear control and air conditioning. The lights and the see-through cover certainly assures one of the best imaginable seabed views.

We know nothing about the prizes, but Triton say that besides saving the cost of adapting the yacht to the transport of a submarine, Triton 1650 / 3 LP allows to “go deep into the sea without going too deeply into pockets”.


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