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The largest marine store you’ve never imagined open its doors and is now just a click away. Abordo, the e-commerce marine platform gathering thousands of boat accessories, is finally on line to offer a multitude of boat accessories, technical items, sportswear, books and everything your fantasy can imagine.

abordo shop on-line accessori nautica Abordo is a little virtual market because it concretely puts you in contact with what you need for yourself and your boat offering a wide range of very original ideas and special gifts. In addition to network, the store also exists in no-virtual reality thanks to our staff available at office hours at the following telephone number: (+39) 0431 – 83504.

Abordo is therefore a real store, the largest and most full-equipped one you’ve never seen, offering hard-to-match prices and thousands of products for all needs.

All items are divided into different macro-categories. Live in real shop departments, you can enter them and follow the instructions provided which will suggest you the best products for your needs.

The macro-categories, in their turn divided into more specific sub-categories, are as follows: safety and mooring equipmentdeck equipment and marine hardware systems and maintenance nautical instruments and electronic equipmentclothing and sports furniture and comfort gift ideas.

Once inside, you can surf the store following a specific course in order to find what you’re looking for in a few seconds: an accessory or special equipment for your boat, a technical raincoat, a simple t-shirt or even a book, a detergent for cleaning interventions, a fender or a specific hull product. Everything is neatly virtually displayed on the different shelves available so that it can be easily found. Specifications and prices, of course, are equally displayed. abordo shop on-line accessori abbigliamento e sport nautica

Vice versa, if you are looking for a gift idea for your sailing-addicted friend, husband or wife, a few minutes spent in our big store will certainly be sufficient to to set course to the right landing place.

Once you’ve chosen your product, our e-commerce system will forward your request to the trusted supplier (one among the dozens of suppliers we’ve selected) who will send the item to your address in about three working days.

Delivery of custom products, such as personalized textiles printed with the name of your boat or an item of clothing made of a particular fabric or colour, inevitably takes more time. Everything, or almost everything, can be found in our online shop.

abordo shop on-line accessori nautica You can choose your favourite payment method (credit card, cash on deliery, Paypal, bank transfer) in total safety.

Furthermore, Abordo cares about your privacy and freedom of choice. If you want to receive news about our special offers and upcoming products by e-mail, please register our newsletter. Otherwise, nobody forces you to register to enjoy your purchases. You can enter the online shop as a guest at any time, surf, choose and buy your products under no obligation.

You can enter the shop by editing www.accessori-nautica.tuttobarche.it, clicking on the “boat accessories” section of our portal or through www.adriaship.it website (click on “shop”).

So, have a good surfing and enjoy your shopping!

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