Absolute debuts its 56 FLY Stateside: adding a touch of “Italian Charisma” to U.S. Shores

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Prolific leading lady and the definition of a goddess, Italian movie star Sophia Loren once said, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes.” Well, making my way onto the Absolute 56 FLY at its USA premiere on the bountiful yacht-stocked B Dock at the Miami International Boat Show brings me back to Loren’s precious prose – Absolute Yachts CCO Cesare Mastroianni and his team effortlessly emulated that beauty she speaks of across the board on all three decks from the inside out.3

Actually, that’s not true; Absolute reversed the above statement by ushering the OUTSIDE IN! Awe-inspiring accentuation weaving in the ocean was achieved in an array of ways. Structurally speaking, an abundant amount of glass was part of the equation, which spreads from the windows and opening portholes in the staterooms to the installation of the full-height picture windows as a result of cutting down the bulwarks. Did I mention the center sections of the windows open up? You can’t get much closer to the water than that!

As for the interior itself, from the décor to the dimensions, I would venture to say Loren could have even consulted on the crafting of the craft, which emulates her defining qualities of class and sophisticated styling. The lower deck suites and modular furniture seem to hail the most accolades, as they rightfully should, but the movement patterns and level of spaciousness and comfort on the 56 FLY from the aft galley and cockpit up to the flybridge have been masterfully orchestrated and will reap the rewards of success in the US market where bigger is always better!56 fly int

First and foremost, placing the galley to aft and bringing the kitchen and the cook into the cockpit breaks down formalities and manifests a welcoming synergy. What’s more, the region between the galley and dining station has been framed with a genius glass wraparound pane preventing dirtying up the fabric seats from potential messy splatter from the pots and pans or even the preparer.

And speaking of seats, the cockpit dining area fits five without issue, and the sofa lounge to starboard across from the table comfortably accommodates three more guests. This entire arrangement lets everyone engage and enjoy the maximum amount of time together in each other’s company, considering being on the seas is not about solitude but instead being surrounded by good company.56 FLY flybridge

As much as there is to adore on the interior, the exterior exudes its own charisma. Ascending up the portside steps, the top deck aims to please all passengers with a touch of superior level paradise. A sense of clarity with respect to the flybridge layout is wholly backed by the intelligence of what a boater wants to do with his or her precious time aboard… whether it be to work on darkening tan lines on the jumbo forward sunpad; to savor a meal or mango margarita in the middle dining area not far off from the pilot who also gets to partially participate in the party (minus the margaritas); or to kick back on one of the flexible arrangement pieces further aft.  In the end, one thing is for sure, no matter what summoned you up – a five-star view of the big blue is guaranteed all around.  

Enhancing the yachting lifestyle, the 56 FLY is too a prolific leading lady and the definition of a goddess, only “of the sea” instead of on the big screen. You can say she is 56 feet full of Italian Charisma which has finally found her way to the USA.

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