Absolute Navetta 58
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The restyling of the Absolute Navetta 58

How can a Absolute Navetta 58, interiorsmodel that has already had a bombastic sales success among a large and varied group of owners be improved?

Certainly by not distorting its philosophy and hull. A winning team should not be changed but can be improved and that is exactly what Absolute has done with the restyling of its Navetta 58.

The new Navetta, indeed, confirms her qualities of comfortable long-range cruiser with a marked propensity to navigate in displacement while the new interior layouts suggest a renewed attention to details and finishes which elevate this yacht to a higher level.

Not in terms of price which, compared to the previous model, has raised by just about 4%. A low percentage, especially if we consider the innovation of this yacht, not only in terms of design and materials but also in terms of technical features,which now include new batteries for the thruster, cushioned seats on the flybridge and a completely electric hard top.

Absolute Navetta 58, flybridgeAbsolute Navetta 58, hard top








Absolute Navetta 58 Sea Trial

Absolute Navetta 58, navigation We test the Absolute Navetta 58 in the gulf of Genoa on a typical autumn day characterized by a clear sky and a good dose of north wind which generates increasingly higher waves as we go offshore.

It’s an excellent occasion to test a boat whose main strength is represented by its large volumes. We can’t miss it and, as we leave the port, we head for the open sea, where the waves are higher, to collect out data.

The Absolute Navetta 58 we’re testing is powered by twin Volvo IPS D8, 600HP each, and equipped with the Volvo Active Trim system which automatically sets the best trim. As we push the throttles forward, we immediately appreciate this accessory since it solves the problem of having to trim the engines and, given the waves we cross, facilitates handling while constantly optimising fuel consumption.

Sailing against the waves, we immediately test the displacement speed, which has always been one of the main strengths of the Navetta models. At 1,500 rpm, we sail at 9 knots, which is the ideal speed to cover many miles without consuming too much fuel. At this speed, in fact, fuel consumption is equal to just 38 l/h (4.2 l/nm).

The comfort offered by this navigation mode is high: the boat is stable, the noise almost inaudible and you can enjoy your transfers even at night and in adverse weather conditions. Moreover, with the stabilizers on, the Navetta 58 makes you feel like you were moored in a port. We are therefore not disappointed.


We push the throttles down. At 13 knots, Absolute Navetta 58, under waythe boat gets up on plane and we go on until we reach 3,000 rpm, that is the maximum allowed. We reach a top speed of 26 knots, which is a really good result for a boat that certainly does not make speed a must-have and that maintains a really good fuel consumption. In fact, the indicator does not go beyond 9.5 l/nm for the entire interval between 2,500 and 3,000 rpm, although waves inevitably lead to consume a few liters more than normal.

I pull the throttles back and direct the bow in the same direction of waves that, as you can see in the photos we took from the flybridge, are the typical ones of a very rough sea. I maintain the planing speed and, between 15 and 15 knots, the Absolute Navetta 58  goes on sailing soft and safe without suffering the unfavorable conditions she has to handle. Despite her volumes that could suggest the contrary, the boat does not fear the sea.

Absolute Navetta 58 sea trial Absolute Navetta 58 test








Water sprays on the deck are minimal, proving that this boat wants to sail and be enjoyed regardless of weather.

We return to the displacement speed and, at 10 knots, we head for the port and try to steer the Navetta 58 with the help of the Volvo steering joystick. In addition to facilitate maneuvers, this is also a good alternative to the helm: turning this way is really a matter of “finger”.

Absolute Navetta 58, interior restyling

Absolute Navetta 58, living area

While the sea trial is a confirmation, the interior restyling of the Navetta 58 is the element that really goes beyond. Layouts are changed, as well as the materials and some details, such as the wood ones that are now more refined (note the curves of the woods on high structures, for example) and definitely make a great difference.

As a result of the restyling, the main deck features larger glass windows and less support bodies which improve the direct communication with the exteriors. This results into more light in what is the most lived area of the yacht. Moreover, thanks to a greater number of transparent surfaces available, the flybridge seems to float suspended and gives a feeling of freedom thanks to the greater overall height of the deck.

The dining and relaxation areas are divided on the Navetta 58.

Absolute Navetta 58, tableAbsolute Navetta 58, galley








The stern section of the main deck houses the dining area, enclosed by two full-wall windows for a tout court view of the sea. Equipped with an expandable table with a sofa on the right and super-equipped kitchen with marble top on the left, this space is easily accessible from the aft cockpit (thanks to a retractable door) which is equally equipped with an additional table, so as to create an indoor / outdoor area for meals.

The bow section of the main deck, instead, houses the living area, furnished with a sofa, an armchair and a TV/bar cabinet.

Absolute Navetta 58, living zoneAbsolute Navetta 58, console








In the helm station, the windscreen features no central support pillars as well as reduced overall dimensions of the lateral ones which, in addition to contributing to create the feeling described above, give the helmsman a 180-degree view of the sea.

The main deck, too, is distinguished by a new layout. The number of cabins is always the same (three+ three private bathrooms) but the arrangement is different.

Absolute Navetta 58, VIP cabin Absolute Navetta 58, master cabin








The master cabin, always full-beam and positioned in the aft section, has new storage compartments and a completely redesigned bathroom which guarantees more comfort and space. The VIP cabin, instead, features a diagonally-positioned bed just like the more recent Absolute models in order to give the guests more freedom of movement.

Absolute Navetta 58, guest cabinAbsolute Navetta 58, guest cabin 2








The guest cabin is located on the starboard side and has a special system of sliding rails which allow to compose a double bed or two twin ones.


Thanks to the Absolute Navetta 58 at searestyling of the Navetta 58, Absolute Yachts updates the “intermediate” model of the Navetta line, elevating the overall quality of a yacht that had already achieved the goal of being very functional while offering spaces that were worthy of a significantly bigger boat.

Given its easy handling and excellent seaworthiness, this new model will be certainly appreciated by all those who want to enjoy long and comfortable cruises with their family or friends, even without crew on board.

Sea Trial Conditions: wind from 15 to 20 knots, rough sea, fuel capacity 40%, water capacity 40%, 8 passengers on board

Rpm   Speed Fuel Consumption (l/h) Fuel Consumption (l/nm)
600   4.6 4.6 1
1,000   6.5 12 1.8
1,500   9 38 4.2
2,000   11 92 8.3
2,300 Planing speed 13    
2,500   17 160 9.4
2,800   21 200 9.5
3,000   26 245 9.4

Absolute Navetta 58 Technical Specs

Length 17 m
Width 5,05 m
Passengers Capacity 14
Water Tank Capacity 650 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 8.40 l
CE Category B
Volvo 2 x D8 IPS 700

Absolute Navetta 58, upper deck layoutAbsolute Navetta 58, main deck layout






Absolute Navetta 58, lower deck layout

Absolute Yachts Spa

Via F. Petrarca 4
Loc. I Casoni – Gariga
29027 Podenzano (PC) Italy

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