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Absolute Navetta 64

When, a few years ago, Absolute Navetta 64, aft sectionAbsolute Yachts introduced the Navetta range, it is undeniable, it literally upset the market. It was a high-magnitude earthquake that, while the rest of the market was in deep crisis, made it possible for Absolute to achieve a resounding worldwide success.

But the spirit of innovation is at home in Piacenza. Maybe that’s why I’m not surprised while an excited Cesare Matroianni presses a button and unveils what is destined to become another nautical milestone: the new Absolute Yachts Navetta 64.

The innovation introduced by this yacht sets new reference standards for the market. Let’s find out together what it is.


Absolute Navetta 64 – Beach Club

New Absolute Navetta 64If before today you thought that beach areas were the exclusive prerogative of superyachts, the new Navetta 64 will change your mind.

At the owner’s request, in fact, the aft section can be destined to accommodate a beach club for which the attribute “complete” would be an understatement.

The result is a flush living zone which, thanks to a submersible platform, creates a refined and definitely exclusive space.



The cabin is furnished with a large double bed, a Absolute Navetta 64,2bathroom and a refrigerator.

Moreover, Absolute Yachts has designed a special system that allows this cabin to be quickly converted into a living area with a sea-facing sofa, ideal for your days at anchor.

The beach house layout is completed by the possibility of equipping the area with deck chairs and blackout curtains which, supported by carbon poles, complete an overall view of great impression.


Absolute Navetta 64, beach areaJust a few steps lead to the aft dinette, positioned on the main deck level.

Here, the shipyard has introduced another important novelty, creating two large openings in the aft sides, which thus allow guests to remain in sensorial contact with the sea.

Simple yet rare, this solution suggests the great attention the shipyard pays to its customers’ needs.




Absolute Navetta 64 Interiors

Equally noteworthy the interiors whichAbsolute Navetta 64, Master Cabin, despite a length of 64 feet, can accommodate 4 guest cabins and a double crew one.

The master cabin is full-beam and offers the spaces of a true master suite, equipped with large storage compartments and an extraordinarily large bathroom.

Thanks to the dimensions of windows, even in this area, the sensorial contact with the outside is guaranteed.

We don’t have additional data yet but the shipyard assures that the new Absolute Navetta 64 will be available for sea trials by next July, so we will not have to wait much longer to see her live.

Absolute Yachts Spa

Via F. Petrarca 4
Loc. I Casoni – Gariga
29027 Podenzano (PC) – Italy


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