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Absolute Yachts: when innovation drives employment

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Absolute Yachts, when innovation results into job opportunities

If, after a devastating global crisis, the boating industry currently represents 2% of Italian  GDP, that is because 90% of production is export-oriented. This situation results from a particular formula combining all the elements which, in turn, should characterize the development of the whole Italian economy: quality, technology, design.

It is well known that Italian boating industry excels in all these three terms thanks to some excellent players in this field, among which the shipyard Absolute Yachts certainly represents one of the main pillars.

The Absolute Yachts Navetta 73 has won the 2017 World Yachts Trophies 2017 as the most innovative boat of the year .

With 80 boats built in 2017 and an unstoppable double-digit revenue growth over the last five years, the Podenzano-based company bases its manufacturing action on a specific philosophy: the values of beauty, quality, innovation, respect for the environment during all production phases should become part of the overall development of the company and therefore result into job opportunities.

Cesare Mastroianni Absolute Yachts
Cesare Mastroianni interviewed by RTL 102,5 radio

Cesare Mastroianni, Vice President of Absolute Yachts and Chairman of ” Absolute of Americas”, clarifies the concept during the radio show ” Il posto in fabbrica” (Job in factory) broadcast on RTL 102,5 radio in collaboration with Confindustria: ” A high level of investment in technology and innovation is generally understood as a reduction in employment levels because machines are generally intended to replace men at work. That’s not necessarily true. In boating industry, innovation is intended to create the need for new professional profiles that weren’t there before”.

Established in 2002, the company is the mirror of this cultural approach.

A constant effort in terms of investments has indeed resulted in the creation of a highly evolved production site equipped with a geothermal air control system in order to safeguard workers’ health and improve their quality of life inside the factory. In addition, a lot of investments have been made in order to improve automation levels, the research of materials and reach the very highest levels of technology.

This approach is in line with the two major goals of the brand: to keep a leading position among worldwide competitors and develop employment levels. One one hand, the markets to which Absolute Yachts’ export activity travels – USA, Oceania, Asia – express a high demand of quality which is not only guaranteed by the product quality but also by a dialogue with those markets and the ability to meet their specific needs. And this is made possible by the efficient network of dealers which the shipyard can rely on all around the world.

The Absolute Yachts 50 Fly, awarded as 2017 ” Boat of the Year”

The boat is a particular, unique product – continues Mastroianni interviewed by RTL 102,5 – which needs very high skills in both sale and post-sale phases. Dealers are not only simple sellers but highly skilled figures”.

On the employment level, the development opportunities spread in two different directions. The direct ones, because new technologies call new figures, and those referred to the auxiliary staff.

Cesare Mastroianni clarifies: ” To increase the technological level means to create the need of new professional profiles. The boat is a universe where architecture, engineering, design, fashion, electronics and automation interact to create a finished product. We are looking for engineers, architects and experts of automated solutions, including young people with no work experience. In addition, we are looking for figures with management experience, capable, for example, of drawing up and analyzing a budget”.

Absolute Yachts shipyard
Pictures from the shipyard show how innovative and well-organized is boat construction in the Podenzano-based production site

The goal is easily understandable. The shipyard needs to buy – especially on the Italian high-quality market – the raw materials and products necessary for the construction of its boats, contributing this way to the development of suppliers.

But what skills are needed to work in the boating industry? ” A perfect command of English is essential. We work with the world and we therefore need to engage in dialogue with everyone. In addition, our ideal candidate should love our products and feel like a part of a unique family working towards the same goal. We sell boats all around the world so, if a New Zealand-based customer needs to talk with an engineer when it’s night in Italy, we have to be on the other side of the computer to answer his questions via skype. You can do that only if you love what you’re building”.

So, if you are young and ambitious, if you love boats and you have the skills required, please send your CV to Absolute Yachts, a reality which Italy can be certainly proud of.

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