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Our recent articles about the latest news in the world of boat accessories are succeeding, so we’ve decided to propose you other three interesting new ideas.

Let’s start from Australia. It is called Rainman (the name is already attractive) and it is a small watermaker, available in three different versions and consisting of two parts: a PSU (in the photo on the right), acronym of Pressure Supply Unit, which can be powered electrically (230 or 12 Volt) or by a small Honda patrol engine; and, on the other hand, a module with reverse osmosis filters (in the picture above), available in three versions: with two membranes of 4o” (called High Output), 21” (Compact) or a single 40” membrane (Economy).rainman dissalatore nautic salone di parigi

Scanstrut usb da barcaThe first version (not compatible with 12 V PSU) produces up to 140 liters of water a hour, while 70 and 35 liters are respectively produced by the second and the third version. The device uses 700 ml of patrol a hour if powered by a small Honda embedded engine, with an absorption of 1250 Watt (with 230 V PSU and this case an external generator of at least 2 kW is required) or 32 Amp (if you choose a 12 V PSU; in this case, on-board batteries are sufficient, maybe better if combined with some solar panels).

The device is user-friendly and can be installed anywhere. How much does it cost? From 2900 to 3900 US $, according to the different PSU versions. Filter groups vary from 800 to 900 dollars.

Certainly smaller and more affordable, but useful and equally interesting, is SC USB 01 by Scanstrust, a double USB charge socket, perfect for any kind of boat. It’s tested and approved IPX4 waterproof rating and it is provided with a rigid cover. It can reach up to 3.1 Ampere in total, 2.1 for each socket. This idea gained a Dame Award at last METS in Amsterdam.

Finally, let’s conclude with Airmar DX900+, a multi-log sensor giving information about depth and speed and provided with Bluetooth connection to communicate with any iOs or Android on-board device. Equipped with a 2-axe electromagnetic speed sensor, in addition to the normal boat speed, it also offers real-time information about the real leeway, its angle and intensity. Moreover, it has a three-axe gyroscopic accelerometer which informs about list and rudder angle. If that’s not enough, you can even know water temperature. DX900+ di Airmar multi log bluetooth calcolo scarroccio


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