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If the A80 Apsaras intended to make us dream, well.. we’d say she’s doing a great work.

This 80-footer was launched in Pesaro, Italy, in May 2015 by Advanced Italian Yachts, one among the most innovative boat manufacturers in Italy. We have already written about the Advanced 80 after spending few amazing hours on board her during a transfer from Cannes to Genoa.

Advanced Yachts A80 Apsaras Varo
the launch of the Advanced 80 Apsaras

After her launch, Apsaras experienced a very flattering debut. With the intention to test her real holding and possibilities, the Apsaras joined and won the 2015 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC). Fast and reliable, she had no problems along the almost 3,000 miles from Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) to Saint Lucia (Caribbean Sea) sailed in 13 days.However, the ocean baptism was just a prelude to what the boat is currently experiencing since 2016: a voyage around the world. For that was the original project of her owner, a businessman from Hong truly passionate about “practised” sailing, not simply used as a showcase for his business. The order was for a very fast racing boat with comfortable luxurious interiors. As is evident, expectations have been met thanks to the skillful work of both Advanced Yachts workers and designers.

Advanced Yachts A80 Apsaras oceano
The Apsaras in the ocean

After her first ocean “taste”, skippered by the experienced Fabio Beccantini, the Apsaras sailed off from Porto Santo Stefano to Gran Canaria on November 13th last year. The report of the voyage to Gran Canaria, Cape Verde (where the owner boarded) and the coasts of Brazil and, again, other 3,800 miles to Cape Town is enthusiastic and shines through her captain’s words: ” The boat is extraordinary, I’m very happy. We always managed to travel under sails, except for 30 hours sailed under power, for 21,000 miles in total. During our cruise,  we faced all sorts of conditions, including the hardest ones. The boat was always great. She’s well-balanced, safe and easy to handle”. An announced success, even though nothing can ever be taken for granted when sailing in such demanding conditions. Advanced Yachts A80 Apsaras oceano

The 2017 Apsaras’ “tour” continues in Madagascar where she will sail off to Seychelles and Maldive Islands next April. Her arrival in Sri Lanka is scheduled for early June. After a short break, the trip will take the yacht to Andaman Islands, south of Gulf of Bengal, next September before touching Phuket, in Thailand, next November. There, the yacht will take part in the “Phuket King’s Cup Regatta”, one among the most important sailing races in the East. In 2018, the Apsaras will sail to Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand  before sailing on across the South Pacific to Chile. Advanced Yachts A80 Apsaras oceano

After South America, she will head towards Vancouver, in Canada. From there, after a stop in Hawaii, she will cross the Pacific again to Japan to finally arrive at her destination: Hong Kong, the owner’s home.

A dream voyage for a boat whose name evokes the female spirit of both clouds and waters of Hindu and Buddhist myths and whose etymology (ap: water and sar: to move) crystalizes her soul. A voyage the staff of will not fail to follow.








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