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Among its many frenzied activities, our staff is also constantly involved in sea trials. We seriously test boats, boat accessories, systems and equipment in order to tell our readers the features of each product, its qualities and eventual limits.

It’s a commitment that achieves its greatest satisfaction when, especially in summer, many of this equipment is tested at sea on board our boat, a Finot Comer 460.

Alfa Shipyard Centro prove di Tuttobarche

But tests never stop. In fact, especially in winter, our activity is particularly intense also in view of the sea trials period which sees our boat involved in an interesting two-month cruise.  Hence the need to have a real sea trials centre where to take our tests, from the preparation and installation of tools and equipment to their real sea trial.  Alfa Shipyard Centro prove di Tuttobarche

This is the background to our partnership with Alfa Shipyard, a structure which offers advanced technological solutions and skilled staff. Situated inside “Marina di Varazze”, the shipyard can rely on all the equipment necessary to every kind of installation, analysis and measurement, from boat real weight measurements to dynamometer ones.

The shipyard will host all the products we’ll test. The technicians of the shipyard will install them on our Comet when necessary and will assist us during our sea trials with their equipment and skills.

Even if we’ll never stop sailing the world to test new projects, our sea trials centre will accomodate the boats which will be tested. With a 200-ton travel lift, Alfa Shipyard can receive boats in two different locations: those up to 20 metres inside the shipyard itself while those ranging from 20 up to 60 metres in the former Baglietto aerea.

Alfa Shipyard Centro prove di TuttobarcheWe chose Alfa Shipyard for its ten-year story and 360-degree services, from storage areas to the more complex fitting operations.

Marina di Varazze, too, has played a decisive role in our choice. Both for its geographical location but also and above all for its reception capacity, services and safe facilities, the marina seemed to be the best solution for us both in terms of safety and logistics.





Alfa Shipyard centro prove tuttobarche






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