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Amare Group launches “Charon”, the definitive submersible gangway

Innovation is part of the Amare Group’s DNA and an Charon by Amare Group important key for its unstoppable success. Everyone love this brand, from yachtsmen to the various boatyards that have decided to install its well-refined, elegant and technologically advanced products.

Submersible boarding platforms are becoming increasingly popular and Charon, the new entry by Amare Group, solves two among their main technical problems: alignment during the lifting phase and maintenance.

The basic idea is simple: if perfect alignment is something extremely difficult for two servomechanisms to achieve and a lot of maintenance is required because platforms spend all their life underwater, then what about equipping this marine accessory with a single lifting piston?

Sicurezza charon amare group
 Charon’s safety clip

However, no one – at least up to now – has tried to move from theory to practice. Amare Group has seized the opportunity and, after a long period of testing and development, has finally patented Charon, a servomechanism that solves both the alignment and maintenance problems. Its single hydraulic arm, in fact, distributes the load over the four axes which support the platform.

The overall encumbrance, too, is minimized and the new gangway features a width of just 40 cm and a draft ranging from 80 to 100 cm. When not in use, the mechanism can be accommodated into the hull lines of the boat, without provoking frictions or vibrations.

Compared with conventional two-piston gangways, Charon by Amare Group is easier to install. Thanks to the innovative flip system and some fiberglass steps, the annoying “crater” commonly found between the submerged platform and the yacht stern finally disappears.

MIchele Preziuso Amare Group
Michele Preziuso, Amare Group

Charon is the latest patent by Amare Group. It’s innovative, user-friendly and it inevitably sets new reference standards for the yachting industry” states Michele Preziuso, Sales and Product Development Manager of Amare Group.

“With Infinity, we were among the first to create a porthole that vanish from sight since it is built-in into the glass window; with Vanity, we revolutionized the world of the hydraulically-operated  gangways thanks to the “ease wedge” system. Now, with Charon, we’ve built a simple, innovative system that finally solves many of the technical problems related to the use and installation of the submersible boarding platforms”.

After having seen the new invention of this overactive Italian company, we look forward to vising the factory and see the genesis of these products that are increasingly becoming an object of modern yachtsmen desires.

Stand Amare Group Passerella amare group


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