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Amare Group: we’ve visited the factory. Very high quality, luxury and innovation

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The number of prestigious boat Amare Group's interior departmentsmanufacturers choosing Amare Group’s products is constantly growing. Very high quality, luxury and captivating design hide an impressive number of patents.

Intrigued about this company, we have decided to discover this Italian industrial excellence and, to do that, we have gone directly to the source, that is one of the two Amare Group’s factories. The goal is to provide you with an overview of the company and get closer to those who, every day, contribute to make it sail fast.

At first glance, once we get the factory situated in the industrial area of Pozzilli in the province of Isernia, Italy, we are impressed by the wide surface which it extends over. Order and cleanliness characterize spaces, offering an excellent entrée.

Amare Group, porholeIn the offices on the ground floor of the complex, Amare Group, Michele PreziusoMichele Preziuso, Development Maganer of the company, is waiting for us. Who better to accompany us between productive lines and be our tour guide?

Michele doesn’t waste time and takes us to the assembly area. Here, we are immediately catapulted into the heart of the company and, proudly, he tells us: ” Amare Group holds many patents it has got not only thanks to its finished products but also thanks to the mechanisms that guarantee its functioning”.

We immediately understand the reason for his statement because the first thing we see is the assembly process of a friction hinge. It’s a patented mechanism that controls the opening of portholes, especially those installed on the portholes of the Infinity series.


Amare Group's factory, friction hingeThis innovative hinge allows to adjust and block portholes doors in all their opening positions. It uses an exclusive torsion spring instead of traditional disc springs or hex screws used by competitors.

This mechanism results into excellent sturdiness and solid operating cycles, reducing any possible breaks as demonstrated by several tests. We try to open one of these hinges and it works perfectly, the mechanism offers the right resistance and keeps the porthole steady in the selected position. Thanks to this hinge, flapping portholes are just a thing of the past.



Then, an area full Amare Group's factory, glass porthole gluingof glass sheets draws our attention. They looks very big!

Noticing our intrigued glaze, Michele explains that some of them are parts of Vision, the electrically-operated pop-up window that fits the gunwales of many luxury yachts.

Others, instead, are the glass windows the company has received by some among the most prestigious boat manufacturers, such as Ferretti, Azimut and Riva that send them directly to Amare’s establishments so that technicians can install portholes. What we are looking at, Michele explains, belong to Riva shipyard and will be mounted on the new Riva 66 Ribelle.

Amare Group's factory, Infinity portholesIndeed, portholes like Filovetro and Infinity need particular installation since they are glued and integrated directly on the glass surface, becoming a whole with it. Installers therefore need to be highly skillful and Amare can guarantee this expertise without any problems. When this phase is over, the glass windows and their portholes are finally delivered to their senders, ready to be installed on board.

The time required for the gluing process must be respected with precision. Technicians, all with specific certifications that enable them to carry out their delicate work, put the portholes on the glass and glue them through a multi-step chemical welding process. It’s a complex process, whose result must be perfect both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of structural and water tightness. Checks by Amare’s operators are carried out on both incoming and outgoing glasses.

During our tour, Diego Ruggiano, Business Manager of Amare Group, joins us. He is the best person to explain us how the company interacts with its own customers. He says: “Amare wants to work in close contact with its customers. It’s the only way the company can learn and internalize important knowledge, customizing its own products according to the specific needs of every single client”.

We find ourselves before a really impressiveAmare Group, gangway hydraulically-operated gangway. As you can see in the picture below, it consists of three sections and is a prototype. After some years spent in the manufacture of window accessories, Amare Group has enlarged its activity. After realized it had the know-how required, it started to manufacture boat gangways and meet the increasing demand for this product.

The model we are looking at is designed to fit boats from 100 feet in length and is being tested right now. Kindly, technicians show us its operation and, I must admit it, when seen out of its natural position in stern of a boat, it really looks like a “beast”!


Amare Group, details of the porthole closingThe experience gained by the staff working in the factory”, Michele Preziuso tells us while we continue our exploratory tour in order to let us understand Amare Group’s rapid development, “has allowed to internalize the construction of all the parts composing our products as much as possible. Some of them are bought from exterior partners. Others, instead, are built within the company, such as the cylinders composing our portholes. This choice has a double advantage for us: greater safety for the materials used and more careful attention to details”.



All product tests, Amare Group's factory, glass porhole's weldingas we have clearly seen in the quality control department, follow specif steps. They start from the analysis of single mechanic parts, evolve with the inspection of the exterior parts in order to remove imperfections and end with a general operation test.

Packaging, too, requires the same attention. Special anti-stratch films are applied on the most delicate parts of products before delivery.

We conclude our tour with a visit to the steel carpentry department. This area is completely separated from the others. Here, technicians assembly and weld the various parts of products. The department also deals with hand polishing. This way, the company avoids the opacification that is typical of industrial polishing, which clearly suggests the great attention payed to a product that must inevitably be perfect.

Amare Group, porthole closingAmare’s accessories want to be not only functional marine accessories but also real design items.

Analyzing Amare Group’s productive environment, “very high quality” is the concept which everything revolves around. We have observed a right mix of industrial and artisanal manufacturing, both essential to create unique and valuable products.

Together with its products, the Amare Group brand is a young reality, rich of fresh ideas and responsive to change. Its main goal is to build modern-designed, luxury and custom accessories that are increasingly more innovative than competitors’ ones.




Amare Group's factory in Pozzilli

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  1. Good afternoon! I attended your exhibit at the Messe in Amsterdam last year. I am currently in the process of replacing the glazing on my yacht and would like to order portholes from you that could be installed in a double-glazed unit. Please send a calculation of the cost for one porthole and possible production times. Best wishes! Mikhail Chistyakov.

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