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Anchoring systems: the incredible range of Quick

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Let’s find out in this interview how a complete range of anchoring systems changes life on board

Let’s take a closer look at the anchoring systems of aQuick Spa anchoring systems 1 complete range like that of Quick Spa. While the anchor is commonly considered as the main player during anchoring manoeuvres, there are actually many other factors and elements to take into account. A complete anchoring system allows not only to feel comfortable once at anchor but also to rely on both top quality materials and on a leading company in the market, present all over the world with a wide range of products: Quick Spa.

Let’s find out, together with Quick Spa Sales Manager Lorenzo Cesari, the complete range of anchoring systems offered by Quick.

Lorenzo, which parts is an anchoring system made of?

Quick Spa Sales Manager Lorenzo CesariLC: “The answer is quite broad, we are the deck anchoring systems experts. Our range includes anchor rollers, windlasses, auxiliary accessories like deck chain locks, chains and anchor-rodes which are highly demanded in the American, Australian and New Zealand markets, where fishing boats usually need to anchor on very deep bottoms. However, our activity is not limited to this and we also offer special accessories for boat windlasses, such as watertight pushbutton panels with or without integrated LED light, radio controls and QNN- Quick Nautical Network”.

“What are the main strengths of Quick-branded windlasses?”

LC: “Quick Spa is the only company on the market to offer such a complete range, capable of meeting every owner’s needs.

Our windlasses are designed to adapt to every type of boat and use.

I’m not just speaking of overall length but also of intended use. Just think of fishing boats or charter boats. Every winch, whether horizontal or vertical, in anodized aluminum or AISI 316 stainless steel, is specially designed to be installed on any type of boat. “

“ Why should shipyards install a complete Quick anchoring system on board?”

LC: ” Until Quick Spa anchoring systems, boat showproven otherwise, we are the only manufacturer of the entire range of anchoring systems. This is very important for a shipyard since it allows to have every single part of the anchoring system at its complete disposal, including windlass, anchor roller, anchor, chain-rode and anchor controls.

From the windlass point of view, you can have a single design for controls, up-down system, chain counter, mapping system backup, gyro stabilizer control panel and inverters. All enclosed in a single aesthetic form”.

As for the Super Yacht segment, what are Quick’s main strengths?”

LC: “ In this segment, Quick offers the XR7,8,9 and TB windlass range. Our products are 100% Made in Italy and meet the highest quality standards. We guarantee all the required certifications such as Lloyd’s Register, ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) and RINA. Furthermore, for boats over 25 meters in length, we supply the hydraulic systems required to power the windlasses as well as the electrical panels to drive three-phase windlasses, all manageable through QNN. This allows both shipyards and boat owners to fully rely on the anchoring systems of the Quick range “

“What are the main features of proportional windlasses and control systems?”

LC: “ Also in this, Quick Spa differs from competitors because it offers electric proportional windlasses for boats up to 22 meters in length. For boats of over 25 meters, instead, our company offers, only and exclusively, hydraulic, three-phase and proportional windlasses.

“What novelties can you reveal us about your anchoring sector?”

LC: ” In our Ravenna-based headquarters, we are doing an important work of design, following the family feeling of our product range. We have redesigned even the screens of our anchoring systems in a new gloss-looking key.

Glass and glossy finishes guarantee excellent visibility, ease of use and offer a truly fast and user-friendly application.

It’s not just a refresh but an exceptional integration, which allows both the shipyard and designer to have a great aesthetic consistency in the accessories on the helm station. Moreover, a new product has been added to Quick family: BALDER BL2, a horizontal axis anchor windlass. It is a bow/ stern chain-rope anchoring system available in 3 different versions: 6-9-12 Watt (12 and 24 V), suitable for boats from 6 to 13-14 meters. All BL2 models feature a chain counter sensor, a chain guide device and a rope tensioner device”.

” How important is to have a remote control in the helm station?”

Quick Spa anchoring systems, helm stationLC: ” It’s essential. Quick is far ahead in these terms. Just think of our integrations with QNN- Quick Nautical Network. Dropping and weighing the anchor is extremely easy and safe, with a single click on the dashboard.

This allows the owner to have everything under control instantly and to know how much chain is dropped in the water at any time”

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