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Annalaura di Luggo, an artist and nautical  businesswoman,( she’s the Managing Director of Fiart Mare) creates a bridge between her two worlds through her exhibition “Sea Visions, 7 points of view”: 7 art installations which will be exhibited at the Genoa Boat Show.

Annalaura di Luggo
Annalaura di Luggo

The main character is OCCHIO, the eye. ” Each human being – says Annalaura di Luggo – is a unique and worderful God’s creature which includes a world to discover. This is why, I’ve decided to start my research from the eye, always considered the window to the soul. I love define myself as a soul scout”.

In addition to her exhibition, Annalaura di Luggo will take her photographic performance and an exclusive  “soul scouting” appointment with the visitors of the boat show every day. (reservation required).

Tuesday 20 September, at 14.30, the exhibition opening conference (VIP area, pav. B) will be attended by Annalaura di Luggo, Carla Demaria (President of Ucina), Luigi Caramiello ( Sociology of Art teacher), the actors Alessandro Preziosi and Daniel Mc Vicar and the presenter Valeria Altobelli.

“Sea visions” focuses on the gaze in water, on the water: light refraction is not only a factor of vision distortion but it can also be a mechanism for magnifying things. And we all know how important blowing up can be as it often reveals the gap between the appearance and the realty of things. Water is a device that is no way extraneous to this mechanism.

Sea visions_iride del polpo
The octopus’ iris photographed by Annalaura di Luggo

 The exhibition combines pictures, words and music along a conceptual travel which starts from Interaction, the visual interaction as the essential base for understanding, to arrive to Soul Scouting, a giant iris, illuminated in a dark room, with Alessandro Preziosi’s voice in the background (he will tell the emotional real story of 3 generations of fishermen).

The travel will continue with Sea Mirror, where the man’s gaze meets the sea and its creatures in a multi-sensorial experience, with Paky Di Maio’s Sea sounds in the background. (September 24, 17.00).

Then, a real visual water immersion with Floating, a pool full of floating eyes designed to stimulate the human being to free his mind from restrictive patterns and let emotions float freely. Womb of the world is a work which wants to be a symbol of reception.

The last two art installations will be in pavilion B, arranged with some big illuminated suspended irises : Denied vision, which evokes the unavoidable need to venture beyond appearances and Waves of time (in the picture above), dedicated to the Genoa Boat Show’s 56 years.


Sea visions_mappa sea visions


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