Marina degli Aregai
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Growing is in the air in the surroundings of Marina degli Aregai.

We’re talking about a new construction project, sponsored by Cozzi Parodi Group, which involves new structures perfectly integrated with the existing facilities of the harbour. “Aregai Estate” apartments, in fact, arise in Santo Stefani al Mare inside the namesake marina but provided with independent entrance.


It’s a housing complex made up of 90 new apartments with different sizes – studio apartments, two or three-room apartments designed to satisfy any housing needs.

But, beyond their different size, the apartments and the whole complex want to let people enjoy the surrounding nature. This is why they all have their private garden, wide terraces, large glass windows,wonderful views and lots of space.

As the result of a long design study, the apartments aim to ensure the greatest bioclimatic well-being at the lowest environmental impact, by using solar energy to heat water.



A choice consistent with the position where the complex is located. The apartments are, in fact, few metres far from beaches, plunged in an exclusive enviroment, far from the typical problems of the city, amongst palm and agave trees, flowers and grasslands. In a word, a charming corner of quiet and natural beauty.

An added value, especially for nature-lovers, is represented by the proximity to the “coastal park” and the bike/pedestrian path which runs along the coast for 24 km, from San Lorenzo al Mare to Ospedaletti.

The delivery of the apartments is scheduled to be made within early 2018.


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