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A highly interesting and spectacular Sicuro inMare, Genoa Boat Showinitiative was launched by MED Spa – a leading company in the supply of maritime safety products – at the Genoa International Boat Show.

Thanks to Arimar life rafts supplied by MED for “Sicuro inMare” training courses, indeed, two demonstrations of safety equipment were carried out every day throughout the duration of the boat show, live and in water.

An undisputed leader in the manufacture and distribution of Arimar self-inflatable life rafts, at the 2018 edition, too, MED proved how the company wants to raise yachtsmen’s awareness about maritime safety. It is no coincidence that, at Genoa Boat Show, shipwrecks and maritime rescues were simulated together with the partners of Sicuro inMare.


Arimar, emergency callIn the vibrant context of the traditional and highly popular yachting rendez-vous of September, Arimar life rafts offered an efficient practical demonstration of how safety at sea is not only important but can also be learned in a really funny and spectacular way.

Twice a day, in the basin of Fiera di Genova, the team of a hypothetical boat in trouble simulated a ship abandonment situation, showing the numerous visitors how to call for help, organize the evacuation and how, thanks to Arimar self-inflatable life rafts, reaching safety is a very easy operation.




Indeed, you only need Arimar life raftto drop overboard the life raft container, which can be rigid or soft according to the boat and its owner’s needs, secure the lanyard to the boat and extract it from the container.

At this point, you only have to pull the lanyard hard so that the container can open and the Arimar self-inflatable life raft can take its shape immediately and become a safe welcoming floating tent.

The Arimar life rafts used during the demonstrations are orange, in order to guarantee an excellent visibility even from a distance. Moreover, they feature a roof to protect castaways from events.

You only have to put yourself in the water before your ships sinks and climb on board the life raft to reach safety.


maritime safety, flaresDuring the demonstration, the company also showed visitors how to use signal flares, included in the standard equipment of Arimar life rafts in order to be found easily by rescuers.

Great interest was arisen by the theory lessons made aground, where the contents of Arimar life rafts were showed and explained in detail.

More specifically, the audience consisted not only of boat enthusiasts and owners but also of numerous cheerful groups from primary and secondary schools visiting the boat show.




In collaboration with Sicuro inMare, Arimar maritime safetyMED Spa involved students into an interesting education opportunity thanks to the training courses aimed at learning all the golden rules for a safe navigation, thereby demonstrating great attention not only to the current generations of yachtsmen but also to the sea dogs of tomorrow.



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