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Astro-megayacht. Here’s the dash-board of the Wider 150 Genesi

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We’ve already spoken about the Wider 150, it is one of the most spectacular megayachts in the world, born from the genius of Tilli Antonelli (the creator of all the Pershings), of Fulvio de Simoni (the designer) and Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay, Malaysian and major shareholder of Wider, head of Genting Berhad, a reality with the evaluation of 35 billion dollars and 55 thousand employees.

With the science fiction name Genesis, the craft has also futuristic technical and constructive contents. Set in water at the end of October in Ancona, it is now suffering the intense and long preparation work, development and test. Not an easy job, since we are definitely facing a complexed vehicle, with the length of 46 meters and a displacement of 355 tons.


The dash-board is also taking form: it’s huge, spectacular and, obviously, hyper technologic. It has been developed with Team Italia (guru and leader in the electronic navigation branch of maxiyachts). Since it’s origin, the project Wider 150 M/Y Genesi has been thought and it’s been realized giving particular prominence to the dashboard, specifically the ergonomic studies have required solutions, either architectonic or electronic, absolutely customized. 


Combinations which allow to adapt the dashboard itself  to the context of navigation wherein found, are being developed and implemented, at mechatronic levels. In other words, it changes shape and configuration depending on what the boat is doing. Starting from different sceneries established for the navigation systems: deepsea/bluewater, approaching, mooring, docking, arriving to the variations of the ergonimic attitude of all the dash-board control, e.g. , passing from linear to “at C” configuration.



The complexity of the project as been supported by an activity of pre-costruction and pre-mounting “in house”, at the development centre of Team Italia allowing to implement a sequence of functionalities and solutions also in progress, leaving the right flexibility in terms of technical and functional solutions without obstructing the productive processes on board.

Wider 150 – Technical data sheet

Length: 46 mt

Max. width: 8,53 mt

Aluminum construction 5083

Displacement: 355 Tons

Diesel reserve: 45.000 lt

Water reserve: 12.000 lt

Electric propulsion: 2 x 531 kW

Diesel generators: 4 x 350 kW

Batteries: 544 kW

Max. Speed (electric diesel): 15 kn (2.000 mile range)

Cruise Speed: 13 kn (3.000 mile range)

Economic Cruise Speed: 11 kn (4.200 mile range)

Zero Emission Speed: 5 kn (range depending from the capacity state of the batteries)


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