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The Genoa International Boat Show was the place Raymarine selected to present its two latest novelties.

The first is named Axiom Pro. Available in 9-, 12- and 16-inch display size, the system is the advanced version of the Raymarine Axiom multifunction display awarded as the most innovative product of the year at Miami Boat Show last February, now proposed with new functions specifically dedicated to the fishing world.

Raymarine Axiom Pro autorouting
Raymarine Axiom Pro Autorouting

First of all, the new Axiom is a hybrid device as it combines multi-touchscreen controls with an ergonomic built-in keypad positioned on the left side of the instrument.  The advantage, especially during fishing activities and when captains have dirty hands, is clear: all functions are available on the keypad without having to touch, and therefore, dirty the display. Until yesterday, this possibility was exclusively offered by external keypads.

Moreover, Axiom Pro is available in two different versions. The S version is equipped with a standard fish finder that can reach up to 150 metres in depth by offering extraordinarily detailed pictures. The RXX version is equipped with a 1 kW CHIRP sonar that displays high-definition pictures from even greater depths on the screen . Of course, it includes multiple Axiom displays, CHIRP radar, echosounder, Ais signal, charts, GPS and much more.

Finally, the new Axiom Pro features high-definition IPS (In Plane Screen) display technology, maximizing viewing angles and definition.

Raymarine Axiom Pro eco scandaglio
Raymarine Axiom Pro CHIRP sonar

The second novelty Raymarine brought to Genoa is the new Lighthouse 3.2 software, specifically designed for fishermen. This new version offers additional enhancements, such as the possibility to create a sonar history where portions of water or sea bottoms can be easily scrolled back and forward on the screen. This way, fishermen can update or change parameters and filters according to the type and size of their prey.

Thanks to the Autorouting function, Lighthouse 3.2 delivers accurate and advanced automatic route building. Once your starting point and destination are selected on the display, the Autorouting function will trace the most correct route according to all the information it receives from charts, avoiding rocks and shallows, and the boat itself, such as draft, for example.


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