Benetti Happy me

Intrepid parade for a Benetti superyacht in Viareggio

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Viareggio hosted a primetime (fantasy) show

It’s called Happy me. But if the driver had sneezed, there would have been very little reason to be happy. Very frequent in the Dock of Viareggio, this show always stuns those who pass there for the first time. We’re talking about the Benetti-branded superyacht that, a few nights ago, proceeding undisturbed through the streets of Viareggio, kept tourists in suspense, all with their noses upturned, their eyes wide open, their mouths open and, we add, the sign of the cross mentally performed.


The giant of the sea roams around undisturbed: the video

It is true that residents of this charming town of Versilia are used to seeing gigantic floats making their way through the crowd, especially in this period in which the famous Carnival of Viareggio is taking place from February 1st-25th. But, what appeared that night was not a majestic scenography set to amaze the public but an imposing boat that had just left one of the various shipyards of Viareggio and that was traveling on board a truck in Via Coppino. Right there, the owner of a very popular trattoria, as soon as the hull of Happy Me passed in front of his restaurant, immediately went out and filmed the intrepid passage of the yacht with his smartphone.

The video, in fact, shows the yacht passing very close to the roadside, the roofs of parked cars and the open-air sections of the restaurants arranged one after the other on the sidewalk, full of customers sitting at the tables and thrilled by such stunning unscheduled event. And indeed, the bulk of Happy me, one of the many masterpieces of the prestigious Italian shipyard, has nothing to envy to Carnival floats: 132 feet (40.24 m) long, she can accommodate up to 11 guests and 7 crew members. And it’s a superyacht for the privileged few only: it is available for rental from EUR 190,000 per week, charges excluded.

Congratulations to the reporter and to…..the driver!

That night, the citizens of Viareggio enjoyed (for free) the umpteenth parade of a mega jewel of the sea. And if we believe we should thank the prompt reporter who filmed the scene and posted the video on YouTube, with hundreds of views in a few hours, we feel it is equally fair to congratulate with the driver of the truck carrying the luxury boat. With ease and surgical precision, in fact, he managed to maneuver through very narrow and delicate spaces, with a very precious load on board. A happy ending for everybody.

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