Besenzoni P400 Matrix
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Our prediction has become true. The P400 Matrix helm seat from Besenzoni has won the DAME Design Award at the commencement of the 2017 Mets Trade in Amsterdam. The marine accessory built by the Sarnico-based company extinguished its competitors within the ” Interior equipment, furnishings, materials and electric fittings used in cabins” category.

Giovanni Besenzoni nello stand al Mets accanto alla P 400 Matrix vincitrice del dame Award 2017.
Giovanni Besenzoni in the Besenzoni’s stand at Mets standing next to the P 400 Matrix, the winner of the 2017 DAME Award.

The DAME Awards jury of top naval architects, designers and yachting  experts priced the P400 Matrix as the best among the 121 products of its category.  In making its judgements to select the overall winner together with seven outright category winners, the jury focused on some specific features, including design, build quality, the expected impact on the marine industry of the entries, their suitability for intended purpose, the level of innovation, cost efficiency and environmental impact.

The judges’ considerations represent a good synthesis of the elements that make made-in-Italy products unique in the world: functionality and aesthetic appearance.Sitting in the P400 Matrix left no doubt that attention to the design of the seat and lumbar cushions, as well as the adjustable head, arm and foot rests, makes for an excellent helm chair suitable for long watches in the wheelhouse of a yacht moving at sea”

The jury members also appreciated the aesthetics of the chair , making it a popular choice of winner in this category.

From an aesthetical point of view, the helm chair from Besenzoni features an besenzoni-p_400_matrix-dame-awards-mets-2017-7innovative, looking-forward design along with lightweight, essential appearance and a multitude of technologically advanced components, including the adjustable head and arm rests, the automated lifting/lowering system and the manually adjustable footrest.

Noteworthy is the so-called Vacust (Vacuum custom shape technology) from Alessandro Mazzucchelli, an innovative vacuum forming technology used to build ergonomic, memory foam surfaces that, thanks to Besenzoni, has made its official debut in the marine industry.

Integrated into cushions, this system allows for a 88% reduction of vibrations along with greater thermal insulation and efficient rigidity/softness adjustment: the chair envelopes the helmsman with its ergonomic, comfortable surface that, significantly wider than conventional helm seats’one, help reduce muscle tension and tingling while providing excellent comfort and a better weight distribution. A system of microspheres adapts to the contours of the pilot’s body and is able to keep the shape memory even when getting up out the chair.

The new gangways presented by Besenzoni at Metstrade. The PI 395, on the left, and the PI 462 Miss on the right.

The system uses vacuum to shape a mould with which is then put in contact. The process includes two short-lasting steps: the air space contained inside the chair is inflated to increase the density of the seat; then, with the help of a pump, the microspheres adapt to the structure and concentrate according to the level of pressure. The process is not irreversible: the procedure can be therefore repeated on the same surface for thousands of cycles.

In addition to the P400 Matrix helm chair, Besenzoni joined the Mets – the world’s largest marine equipment trade show – with other interesting entries, including two retractable gangways. Maybe the most iconic items of the Sarnico-based brand, they represent an important evolution, especially for all those who are not used to “walk” between the dock and the boat.

Compared with conventional gangways, the PI 462 Miss features a wider walkable surface and more lightweight lines.

besenzoni-p_400_matrix-dame-awards-mets-2017-2Its “sister”, the PI 395, encloses a stanchion that functions as an additional, safe and sturdy support on board.

With its extraordinary innovations and improvements, Besenzoni is always able to drive the marine equipment’s evolution.

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