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Besenzoni, the USA are a new frontier

We had the opportunity to talk to Gino Chiodini, Service Sales Manager of Besenzoni, about the future plans and ambitions of the famous Italian company.

Besenzoni,Besenzoni Chiodini one of the major European leaders of marine accessories, aims to expand in the US market. During our encounter, Mr. Chiodini, manager of the company for more than 30 years, explained to us how that of expanding into a new market is a fascinating challenge on which the company of Sarnico (BS) has been working for a long time.

Besenzoni is investing much on the American market” – the Service Sales Manager told us – Just in these months, we are expanding our network. We want to strengthen our position on the local market in order to better support the European customers who take their own boat to the USA. It’s a market share on which we’re investing a lot and in which we believe and bet for the future. Figures will grow and will become increasingly more important”.

But the American market is different from the European market, from all points of view. From aesthetic and design to functions: the American tastes are different and people look for products which can fully meet their own needs. In this respect, Gino explains how the company is facing the renovation challenge:

Our company is very sensitive to this aspect. The American market has particular needs. Before customizing or making a variation on a specific product, we collect feedback and interpret the local market. What we collect is the most important information, we talk with our dealers and analyze the sector. We carry out an accurate collection of information to reach customers in the best way. “

Gino ChiodiniIt becomes therefore even more important to know how to intercept people’s tastes in order to satisfy their needs, especially for an Italian company. Mr. Chiodini quotes the behavior of American customers before the Besenzoni helm seats: “In this case, the seat must immediately make the customers feel comfortable since I have noticed that Americans are very attentive to the quality of the material and functionality. They are a really attentive, very demanding public. The helm seats must therefore be absolutely a quality product, with a very comfortable design. The first contact with the product must be of absolute feeling. “

But Besenzoni has the great ability to transform every product into a high quality experience: “Made in Italy is always appreciated around the world and acts as guarantor.” Gino Chiodini says. This is particularly true in the American market where people understand the energy and the desire to achieve the quality of our products and the design we present on the market. We perceive that from those who visit us, from our customers, from those who follow our products.”

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