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Here is a very seductive idea for anyone who loves both sailing and surfing the net. An idea as easy as genial conceived by a passionate businessman and sailor: Fabrizio Fabbri.

Its name is and it is a digital platform which wants to put in touch owners from all around the world with each other in order to share their boats free.

The idea is really attractive and with a plurality of advantages.

First of all, it solves the first great problem of owners: the boat “lives” in a place, its port, and finally ends up sailing always in the same places. Transfers to reach other interesting destinations are always too long (especially for sailing boats) or too expensive ( in the case of motorboats). offers the opportunity to have a boat in any port.

Scambio Barca, Vacanze in barca, una barca in ogni portoSo, you will host other owners, with their families and friends, coming from all around the world totally free and, in the same way, you will be hosted in other seas. There are many solutions available – told us Fabbri: ” You can make available your boat to sail or as a simple foothold to discover new ports, cities and places in the five continents” .

However, a first objection springs to mind: owners are usually jealous and apprehensive to their “loved” boat… People can put in touch with each other previously, of course. They can use Skype and have the chance to know them. After all, the key of the mechanism is sharing, the exchange of relationships, the desire to discover new places and know new people“.

Scambio Barca, Elan, Vacanze in barca, una barca in ogni portoIt’s not by chance that the basic formula of Boatswapping doesn’t forbid to sail together. “The platform is designed for both boat and boat holiday sharing. This is very important since, this way, those who don’t thrust another person to take their boats can rest easy”.

Moreover – told us Fabbri to explain us how this platform works – I could be an untrained captain, unable to sail in the ice but I’d like to go and see seals. Thanks to this platform, I can look for an owner in Finland who will take me on holiday with him and, in my turn, I’ll take him with me for a cruise in Croatia” .

According to me, the result will be a large international yacht club, a place first virtual then very real, a meeting place for manyScambio Barca, Elan, Vacanze in barca, una barca in ogni porto

Scambio Barca, Elan, Vacanze in barca, una barca in ogni porto


But, how does it work in practice?

It’s very easy, since you only need to register on the portal and join the community. This requires just few minutes and few basic information. After this step, you will enter a sea (or better, four oceans) of opportunities.

All boats are welcomed, from sailing boats to ribs and mega yachts, on the condition to be in perfect conditions.

For the moment, the platform is totally free and those who will register will be entitled to use the portal free for a whole year. This is a special offer specifically conceived for this launch phase. Meanwhile, a community of owners who want to share their experiences, know new people and discover the world free is getting increasingly larger.

And then?Like all the other yacht clubs, an annual but affordable cost will be required to maintain the registration on the portal”.


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