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Boatandboats Fishing is born. The boat fishing magazine

Great news for The International Yachting Media which, although having just launched the French edition of the world’s most popular yachting magazine, cranks out a further novelty. The magazine opens doors to Boatandboats Fishing, the new macro-category dedicated to recreational boat fishing.Emiliano Gabrielli stone bass

For many yachtsmen, fishing is so important that it often becomes the main reason why they decide to buy a boat which, in turn, is asked to become a increasingly multipurpose means, able to accompany owners during their offshore fishing expeditions or take the family to a bay for a bath.

Fishing is therefore one of the most popular passions shared by yachtsmen, one of the few ones bringing sailors and motorboats enthusiasts together but, above all, it’s a highly technical discipline, where didactics plays a very important role and where the difference between know-how and inability contributes to make people feel better at the end of a fishing trip.

Emiliano Gabrielli sargoWith a view to provide our readers with increasingly interesting content, we have turned to an exceptional journalist: Emiliano Gabrielli, one of the most authoritative international experts in this fascinating world.

An author and fishing enthusiast since he was child, Emiliano usually fishes in many European locations, in the Mediterranean, in Africa and Latin America. He has been writing for the major Italian and foreign fishing magazines for over 15 years and he has also taken several footage for thematic channels, home videos and social platforms. An expert in many disciplines including fishing with live bait, jigging, spinning, offshore trolling, drifting and gamefishing, he tells us his infinite passion for fishing clearly and enthusiastically.

With the help of Emiliano, we will therefore embark on an exciting path which, starting from the simplest fishing notions and techniques (including, for example, the basic fishing knots), will progressively cover a multitude of subjects, such as fishing techniques, electric boat Emiliano Gabrielli on his boatequipment for fishermen (fish finders, software applications), fishing equipment (fishing rods, reels, etc.) and international fishing spots.

Like any other content broadcast by The International Yachting Media, you can leave your comments and interact with a community of enthusiasts both on our web and social pages. If you want, you can even use the bookmarks and therefore save your favourite pages and articles and go back to them whenever you want.

Emiliano Gabrielli kingfishOf course, the promise that has made The International Yachting Media famous all around the world is always kept: ” All content is 100% free, always”. This is the true value of our media.




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