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Change to always remain yourself. That’s a principle which, in our case, means to look constantly for the best way of sharing our passion for the sea with our readers.boatandboats-motor

This is why, from today, changes again, creating an ever more direct contact with your specific interests. Boatandboats Sail, Boatandboats Motor and Boatandboats Inflatable/Rib are the new three “homepages” of our magazine.

The primary aim is to gather, in a uniform manner and with greater organization and consistency, the thousands of articles offered by our three international editions (written and published in English, Italian and Spanish) in a more specific “container” where you can easily find what you are interest into. boatandboats-sail

Access to the website is always the same. Just one click and the universe of Boatandboats opens in all its sections, including the magazine. Once you have entered the homepage of our magazine, you will find these three new covers or ” firstpages”, if you prefer a more printing-press term, which will give you access to the subjects you’re interested in the most. “Boatandboats Sail“will therefore provide the passionate sailor with sea trials, didactics, stories, interviews, reviews and tests of the marine accessories most closely linked to sailing.

In the same way, Boatandboats Motor will give you access to all the articles dedicated to sea trials, marine accessories, tests and news concerning the world of motorboats. And, of course, the same is true for the world of Ribs, illustrated in detail through thousands of articles dealing with the boats which fuel the great dinghy racers’ passion.

This way, we want to make your surfing experience in the big ocean of Boatandboats easier and freer. And the reference to the freedom of choice is not random.

In fact, not only our contents are totally free but the great collection work within the three different sections also aims to make the choice of subjects faster, let you enter the environments which are best suited to you and have more time to read articles, see videos and look into some specific subjects.

Freedom means to travel from a “homepage” to another whenever you want and with the curiosity to go and explore worlds which are very close to our passion, all interconnected like land masses in the same sea.

Finally, all three pages will contain transversal subjects, namely articles dedicated to subjects of common interest, from marine accessories useful for everyone to boat shows, from interviews to didactics of common interest to all sea lovers.

At this point, it only remains to wish everyone a good surfing experience… in the web!



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