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We’ve never stole space from our Magazine to talk about us. But there are sometimes extraordinary cases when an exception should be made. This is one of those cases.

Tuttobarche  primo media internazionale Nautica
An Analytics screen showing the real-time international coverage of our port. is currently the first world’s yachting media platform, the only truly international media system. Read in 200 different countries and published in English, Spanish and Italian, it ranks as the most widespread yachting media in the world, according to the certified data reported by Alexa for the month of February.

This result is made possible thanks to, above all, our readers whom we thank. Every week, users cross the threshold of our social pages and our portal, browse over 700, 000 pages to surf the different sections it is made of: the magazine, which is its heart, the “ports and anchorages” section, with over 2,000 recorded ports and anchorages, the “used boats” page, together with the “boat holidays” and the “nautical classifieds” ones and the “permanent boat show” section, a collection of detailed and updated sailing and motor boat files which represent an open window on the worldwide yachting.

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Furthermore, these sections hide two other records: we have the largest pilot book of the Mediterranean currently in existence, while the section gathering our boat files, with its 15,000 boats, represents the largest database in Europe.

However, what is actually exceptional is the speed at which our success has developed. From our birth, on June 8th 2014, our growth has been unstoppable.

The reasons of such a result are more ordinary: contents, structure and passion.

In terms of contents and with just a few rare exceptions, current information is, unfortunately, often homologated and homogenized. Well, this is the model from which we always differed these years.

Tuttobarche primo media internazionale nautica prova in mare Miami

We don’t like to remain seated in our editorial office and wait for news to get through news agencies or press releases. The market is already full of this type of information and what we often read is the mirror of this fatal attraction to the desk.

Boatandboats is a completely different media. Like old-fashioned reporters, we go look for news, we check and develop press releases, we travel the world to see and experience what we later write about.

For example, the recent “season of international boat shows“, started in Cannes last September and then continued in Montecarlo, Genoa, Paris, Amsterdam, Fort Lauderdale and Dusseldorf, just to name the main ones. These 6 months required 238 days of travel, during which 5 people including reporters and fotoreporters travelled over 58,000 km around the world producing over 10,000 photos, many videos and hundreds of articles.

All of this is an addition to our normal activity, which has recorded a total of 379 articles, translated and published in our Italian, English and Spanish editions, over the last 6 months.


This effort has been made possibile thanks to the a considerable operational structure. If surfed lightly, the web is an easy instrument with immediate impact. However, if we want to face it with the professionalism, an international medium like ours has to express, skills and organization are inevitably necessary. Our team currently counts on the work of 15 people including journalists, translators, sales accounts, graphic designers, videomakers, social and digital technology experts, who steer our ship together with incomparable passion.

Even the giant Google Mountain View recognizes us as leaders and indexes our news within few minutes.

We’ll keep on travelling to tell you the colours of the sea. Because this is our job and, above all, it coincides with our passion for the sea and journalism.Tuttobarche primo media internazionale nautica prova in mare con Zar Formenti

Whether you meet us at our office in Milan or along the quay of a port, on board a boat or at a boat show, in a shipyard or with our head under a flooring, you’ll see the great character differences linked by a common denominator called “passion”.

We’ll keep on telling the sea, the stories of the men, women, boats and companies that love it.

And we’ll do so thanks to our sea trials, market updates, human stories and in-depth equipment tests done on our boat during dedicated cruises.

We’ll keep on reporting the activity of our test centre located in Marina di Varazze, Italy, within the Alpha Shipyard.

And, above all, we’ll keep listening to your voice which, through your comments, suggestions and ideas shared on our portal and social media, contributes to plot our route.

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