BOS Battery S

BOS Battery S, the onboard battery that revolutionizes luxury yachting

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A transportable, versatile, and highly sustainable lithium-ion battery, designed to be used on boats wherever supplementary power is needed, poised to revolutionize the world of luxury yachting. BOS Battery S is one of the flagship products of BOS, a young German company that ensures all the reliability, quality, and technological prowess typical of German engineering in a crucial product like onboard batteries. BOS’s technology drastically changes onboard energy management, much like its cousins, the BOS LE300.

In situations where power is not readily available, BOS Battery S can provide all the necessary electrical energy, both when underway and at anchor. Essentially, it’s a product that remarkably enhances the experience of boat owners, whether during luxurious cruises aboard superyachts or during the most extreme and remote adventures.


Luxury, safety, practicality and technology

The specificity of the product lies in its interchangeable lithium battery, developed with hybrid technology that utilizes LiFePO4 cells to provide superior safety standards within the category. Thanks to their composite structure, LiFePO4 lithium cells are thermally and chemically stable and do not deform in any way, preventing them from catching fire or exploding. For this reason, they are considered the safest and most durable lithium cells on the market. Furthermore, these cells offer the maximum number of reliable cycles and are more environmentally friendly due to the absence of cobalt.

The innovative design allows for virtually unlimited usage possibilities, but above all, it delivers unparalleled efficiency. These strengths have been recognized with two significant awards, the IF Design Award 2023 and the Red Dot 2023, certifying that we are dealing with a truly innovative product.

The modularity of the BOS Battery S enables easy and practical transition from one location to another and from one voltage to another. This mobile usability essentially allows batteries to be moved when and where needed, offering unique convenience on board. Particularly cutting-edge are the materials used to construct BOS Battery S, designed to withstand any stress. The battery housing combines recycled plastics with a high content of fiberglass, up to 35%, in the main components, resulting in benefits such as reduced thickness and weight, as well as uniform heat distribution.

BOS AG batteries

BOS Battery S : Technical Specs

BOS Battery S has a capacity of 80 Ah and a system voltage adaptable from 12 to 48 VDC, ensuring compatibility with the various electrical infrastructures of boats. Its dimensions are extremely compact, and its replaceability and modularity allow for incredible flexibility in situations where battery replacement is needed to meet different power requirements and spontaneous demands.

A highlight of the BOS Battery S technology is the patented hybrid mode, which allows integration with existing lead-acid systems, surpassing the limitations of traditional batteries. Moreover, the hybrid mode prioritizes the charging of the lead-acid battery to prevent sulfation and extend its lifespan. It also enhances customer satisfaction by managing daily loads, while the lead-acid battery serves as a reliable backup, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and reducing concerns about energy consumption and system overload.

Yachting becomes even more luxurious

In conclusion, BOS Battery S is a technology poised to have a significant impact on luxury boating, setting new benchmarks for onboard energy management and owner/guest satisfaction.

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