BOS battery S: the new mobile lithium batteries from BOS AG

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BOS AG exhibited its new BOS battery S lithium batteries at METSTRADE in Amsterdam.

Innovation comes from BOS AG, the German high-tech brand, manufacturer and developer of energy storage technology, which exhibited its new product at the recent METS: BOS battery S .

Lithium batteries are on the rise, not only in the boating sector: this is positive on the one hand because it opens up many possibilities for new technologies, but the other side of the coin is the increasing shortage of raw materials and the pollution caused by the disposal of used batteries.

BOS-BATTERY For all these reasons, the German company BOS AG produces and sells new lithium battery systems worldwide that can help to solve these problems. The new BOS battery S has been presented now at METS, where it was also nominated for the prestigious DAME METSTRADE award.

This new lithium iron phosphate battery system works for both stationary and mobile power supply solutions. The modules can be installed in blocks of 2, 4 or 6 batteries (theoretically up to 120 modules even) with an output of 12, 24, 36 or even 48 volts. This versatile system can be used at home for solar energy storage, to increase the capacity of recreational or professional vehicles or, quite simply, on board a boat to power it when needed, with the possibility to interchange it between applications. An easy and extremely light system, the Bos battery S weighs only 9.9 kg (9.5 more or less without the electronics that usually remain in place) and, thanks to its practical handle, carrying it around is a piece of cake.

This is in fact the main goal of the BOS battery S: to be a transportable, versatile and extremely sustainable battery also because, once the 3000 charge cycles have been reached, it will still have a residual capacity of 80%, so it will be possible to decide whether to continue using it or to have it reverted to BOS: in the second case it will be sent to developing countries, to successfully power reception centres, healthcare centres or small towns. Around 50% of BOS AG business is solar systems in developing countries, with a focus on health stations. The batteries that come back to the company will be used in those projects initiated by the team. They will not sell the batteries again (and make profit twice), but mostly just cover the shipment and overhead costs that result from getting them back from the first users. 

METS is certainly an bos-lithium-battery important showcase for the company, which is attending this exhibition for the second year running and has seen an increase in the involvement of customers, yards and contacts. 80% of the interest in BOS AG comes from European countries and a small part from the USA; in countries such as Italy, France, the Netherlands and the UK the company has only been present since last year.

The next step is to establish our company in Scandinavia, Switzerland and Spain. After exporting to these countries as well, BOS AG is aiming for the United States,” reports Alexander Hartig, BOS AG Marketing and Communications Manager.

“The country where our brand is most popular is definitely Germany because it is where we have been active the longest. The best-selling product is the LE300 battery, one of our lithium-ion batteries, which can be used in conjunction with conventional lead batteries, extending the service life of the complex to over 10 years. We have already sold more than 50,000 units, which are often purchased in multiple groups.”

METS was an excellent opportunity for visitors and boatyards to learn about new products that aim to preserve raw materials and avoid unnecessary waste and pollution to the environment by reusing the same product several times and for different purposes. A second life that both the environment and people in need have been waiting for.

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  1. Learned about your battery from the magazine, looks good, we would like to purchase these batteries for our boat Industry. We are boat builders and are presently keen in developing motorboats powered with electric motors inboard as well as outboard. We are bidding for 10 catamaran boats of 10m x 3.6m powered by twin 10/12 KW outboard. We need 2 x 15KWh LiFePo4 battery. Also, one minimum 30 KWh LiFePo4 battery suitable for marine application to be provided as an energy storage medium to meet energy deficiency.

    We request you to quote your offer for 10 sets of these batteries.

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