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Caroline Bay Marina is the brand new marina of Bermuda, built and designed in the name of luxury and exclusivity. The new facility is expected to open just in time to be the ideal place where to follow the next America’s Cup. Centrally located in Great Sound, it was born of an idea of Craig Christensen, the current Caroline Bay Marina Director we met at the Palm Beach International Boat show, and Ralph Richardson, CEO of the society managing the port.

Carolina Bay Marina Bermuda lusso
Rendering of the villas which are taking shape in Caroline Bay in Bermuda.

Caroline Bay is located on the peninsula which bisects the Little Sound and Great Sound, which are the two main sections of the large south-western bay of Bermuda Island. The 5-star luxury facility extending over a surface of 745 thousand square metres marks a renaissance in local tourism by combing the glamour and the nobility experienced from the second half of the last century with an exclusive view of the beautiful contemporary lifestyle.

The magnificent Caroline Bay Marina will offer exclusive berths in a real piece of heaven. Probably right during the days of the next America’s Cup“We’ve just built 80 berths for boats ranging from 12 to 24 metres in length and other 33 slips for superyachts up to 60 metres.”, Craig Christensen explains, ” Our marina wants to give all boat owners and guests the possibility of enjoying Bermuda wonders in the refined comfort of our services”, the director claims. ” We’ve thought of yachts coming from all around the world, whose owners and guests, captains and crews, have no problems during their stay. This is why we decided , for example, to provide them with electric power with multiple voltage options, Bermuda entry assistance and concierge services”.

Carolina Bay Marina Bermuda lusso
One of the megayachts which will dock at the Caroline Bay Marina.
Carolina Bay Marina Bermuda lusso America's Cup
The position of the marina during America’s Cup races.

The marina is part of a context of absolute refinement and elite tourism. For example, the British-Colonial Ritz-Carlton Reserve, a ultra-luxury resort within the Ritz-Carlton family and only the fifth of its kind worldwide, includes an innovative spa, a fitness center, restaurants, bars, pools and many other amenities.

However, Bermuda offers much more. Starting from America’s Cup.

Next June 17th will mark the start of the races which will place the Oracle defender before the official challenger emerged from the Louis Vuitton Cup selections which will start next May 26th. The eyes of the world will turn to the waters of Great Sound where the world’s best sailors of the 6 different teams will battle on their fast AC45 yachts. ” The appointment will be preceded by the Red Bull Young America’s Cup in the waters of Little Sound and our marina will be the ideal basis to enjoy both”, Christensen, smiling, says.

Ralph Richardson Craig Christensen Luca D'Ambrosio Caroline Bay Marina
From left: Ralph Richardson, Caroline Bay Marina CEO; Craig Christensen, Director of the marina and our Editor, Luca D’Ambrosio.
Arabella megayacht tribuna per Coppa America Caroline Bay Marina
Arabella, the megayacht the guests of the marina can use as a stage to see the America’s Cup races. .

“Guests of the Caroline Bay Marina also have another opportunity to enjoy the Cup days”, he continues, “because the marina will host Arabella, our megayacht, which will take a special place in the area vip. A unique occasion and an extraordinary stage where to see the Americas’ Cup match races. Arabella is a 45-metre yacht with three masts, built by Palmer & Johnson in 1983 for a popular film actress who had sailed the Atlantic, and later transformed into a real floating luxury hotel where stay cannot fail to be pleasant. So, after enjoying the adrenaline offered by the very fast catamarans, guests can continue to sail on board Arabella to the Royal Naval Dockyard, where they can admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

However, the beauty of the island is not just sun and sky. The island also offers amazing off-shore fishing trips, the excitement of diving and exploring wonderful underwater grottos and over 500 wrecks, in addition to breathtaking landscapes, iconic equipped pink-sand beaches and the exclusive award-winning Port Royal Golf Course, one among the 18 best holes on the island. Indeed, Bermuda has the highest density of gulf courses in the world: one every 6 km.

Not so usual, however, even for Bermuda, considered as one of the most exclusive islands of the Atlantic, are the amenities surrounding the Caroline Bay Marina, with luxurious mansions perfectly integrated in the rich local vegetation but so close to the sea that the pools in the most luxurious villas seem to touch the ocean.

What even the well-being connoisseurs can enjoy here is a refined but not exaggerated ultra-luxury experience. In Caroline Bay, modern luxury and the chance of enjoying any activity both aground and at sea mix together seamlessly with the amenities and beauty of the past. There’s no difference between one-night guests and residents. A sensation of personal enrichment, privilege and care is guaranteed to everyone enjoying a holiday in this piece of heaven. That’s called “accessible luxury” in Caroline Bay but we like to call it ” deep luxury”.


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