Catana Catamarans 53 world premiere


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There is a double appointment next days for all catamaran enthusiasts that will take place in the same place, La Grande Motte, a French small town situated halfway between Marseille and Montpellier. Next April 19th, the city will indeed host a boat show entirely dedicated to multihulls and the world premiere of a catamaran which, because of the popularity of the shipyard and models that have preceded it, is maybe the most highly-anticipated one: the Catana 53.

catana-53-7-Waiting to see her sailing, we want to unveil a small world premiere and show you the new project of the French shipyard through some shots stolen during the final stages of processing and the launch. Waiting to meet and test her, let’s start to analyze the main features of this boat.

The hull, as well as the deck, of the Catana 53 was built thanks to an infusion technology using vinylester and polyester resins. With a length of over 16 metres and a width of 8.65 m, the boat benefits from the advantages of carbon fibre used in the reinforcements, such as structural bulkheads, which confer high rigidity and sturdiness to both hulls and superstructures, without adding more weight to the catamaran which already features a displacement of 14 tons.

Construction qualities aside (they have always been the trademark of Catana Catamarans), this new project strikes for its very innovative design where the keynote is represented by the livability of spaces.


The choice to place both the pilot station and the dinette on the same level is a direct consequence of this concept. The solution was already adopted on the Catana 70 and the Catana 62. However, we think that, introduced on the 53-footer, it seems to be more valuable because it’s just on smaller sizes that it expresses all its potential.

Not only it results into a considerable livability and the possibility of creating a unique large open space when the door which separates exteriors from the dinette is open but it also improves the livability of the two helmsman stations.


The layout of the Catana 53 in the three-cabin version

The arrangement of interiors replicates that of the two larger models but on a smaller scale, of course. The cockpit is accessible from the dinette and the galley is located on the left. We don’t need much imagination to prefigure the amount of natural light which this area will benefit from. The pilot station is situated next to the fore window, on the left.

Catana 53 in cantiere
The Catana 53 in the shipyard during the last stages of processing.

The two hulls house the cabins. According to the different versions, they can be three or four, all equipped with en-suite bathroom. In particular, the three-cabin version can include a real suite housed in the starboard hull.

From the cockpit, through some steps, you can reach the large walkways and a sort of “parade ground” on the bow. Along the gangways, on a upper level, stand out the two fins that the French of Catana love calling “dagger boats“. According to their position, draft can range from 1.43 to 3.60 m.

The arrangement of rigging foresees four winches on each side, two before the wheels and two next to the helmsman to manage 174 square metres of sailing plan available between the mainsail and the jib.

Two Volvo Penta 75 HP engines ensure a good speed even under power perfectly combined with the proverbial easy handling of Catana boats.



Length Overall 16.18 m
Width 8.65 m
Draft 1.43/3.60 m
Displacement 14,000 kg
Cabins 3/4
Bathrooms 3/4
Fuel Tank 800 l
Water Tank 800 l
Engines 2 Volvo Penta 75 hp


The moment of the launch of the Catana 53 number one.





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