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Aeroboat is Claydon Reeves’ answer to anyone seeking a boat combining “traditional romanticism” with high technology. Inspired by the British World War II fighter plane, the Spitfire (produced between 30’s ad 40’s and which offered a great contribution during the Battle of England), Aeroboat preserves the purity of this beloved aircraft.

Like Spitfire, Aeroboat is pushed by aAeroboat Claydon Reeves Rolls Roice V12 Merlin engine, available in 1500 and 2500 HP version, both able to reach up to 75 knots. The transmission system is provided with waterline propellers, while the bottom has a double redan.

Exterior design seems to mix the fluid lines of the original plane with modern automotive features. It’s impossible to forget the mythic Triumph Spitfire produced from 1962 to 1980 by the prestigious English brand. The stern of the boat develops the same power and aerodynamics of the past and translates them into a modern more aggressive line.

Aeroboat Claydon ReevesAeroboat uses high-tech materials, such as carbon fibre, kevlar and light wood for fast elegant light lines.

The cockpit, completely customizable, can receive from four up to six passengers. Seats are perfectly anatomic, comfortable and protective, equipped with safety equipment to sail in any sea conditions. The helmsman can enjoy a complete series of both analogic indicators and touch-screen systems for all the most important on-board detection functions.Aeroboat Claydon Reeves

Well-equipped like a superyacht, with her 14.64 metres, Aeroboat wants to be the ideal boat for anyone looking for high speed and refined elegance. A yacht where to wake up and start sailing at breakfast time from Antibes to get Saint Tropez at lunch time and finally Les Hyéres at dinner time.

Claydon Reeves’ aim is to create an Aeroboat’s limited edition, completely custom-made in terms of size, layout, materials, engine and hull design.








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