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Clear Marine was a great success at the Cannes Yachting Festival with three Italian nautical jewels: Aquarius Open, Libra 650 Cabin and Aries Open. These are classy boats, easy and suitable for everyday use in all water contexts. Now the shipyard, based in Trivolzio (Pavia), took part in the 61st Genoa Boat Show, and the dominant note is undoubtedly a 100% Italian design. For the occasion, the shipyard exhibited the Aries Light and Libra Cabin 750, two boats, one of which is a walk-around, which are well suited for all types of owners looking for exciting adventures at sea with their family or friends, perhaps for a trip to enjoy the sunset on the coast or a short cruise. Notable features at Clear Marine include the craftsmanship of the boats, safety, comfort and elegance. Because: “CLEAR gives body to emotions; quality and beauty are born from the attention we pay to human relationships, trying to capture in everyone their own original philosophy of the sea combined with their personal way of experiencing navigation”.

Clear Marine is the brainchild ofclear marine lake Giuseppe Messinese who, with 35 years of experience, has given his boats a distinctive trait summed up in originality, functionality and quality. But that’s not all, because the level of customization of these boats raises the bar up to 90%. Furthermore, there is a great deal of professionalism, experience and the peace of mind for owners that thus have the opportunity to deal with a highly reliable boatyard.
Clear Marine’ Sales Manager for Europe, François Sedan, confirms this, explaining that Clear Marine was also a great success at the Cannes Yachting Festival:We have an excellent sales network, our customers are very satisfied with the product and it often happens that when one of our models arrives in a port for the first time, we automatically get requests from the neighbours or people passing by on the jetty because quality is top-level and performance is excellent”.

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Clear Marine Aries Light

At the Genoa Boat Show, the shipyard exhibited the lighter version of Aries Light ashore. This is a distinctive boat, with lines that form a harmonious arc expressed in the curved bulwarks from stern to bow, and always marked by the safety of steel handrails. Aries Light can be powered by an engine option up to 100HP but is also offered in a 40 HP outboard version.
Above all, however, Aries Light is designed by Giuseppe Messinese, with design by Federico Fiorentino expressed in a graceful colour palette of white and grey, in a combination of shades that is duly contrasted. Aries Light is definitely the ideal day-cruiser for lake cruising: 6.20 meters long, the boat has a beam of 2.25 meters. Thanks to its displacement of 850 kilograms, the boat is also suitable for land transport on a trailer.

Libra Cabin 750

She’s beautiful, certainly Libra Cabin 750because of the choice of vermilion red that stands out on all the cushions, including the two large sundecks on the foredeck, the end of which is marked by the steel stern from which the anchor can be dropped. Two teak platforms, to starboard and port of the stern, facilitate mooring manoeuvres and bathing activities. The steel handrails outline the arch of the boat, which in this case “inflates” from the deckhouse, sloping down just at the bow. All this space is gained for the cabin that comfortably accommodates two people. The Libra Cabin 750 is equipped with a 350 HP outboard. 12 people can be accommodated on deck, so there’s plenty of room to share the pleasure of sailing with others.

The console has been moved slightly to starboard to make room for the steps leading to the bow to the left, and is protected from any water splashes by a small enveloping windscreen.

The owner has a bench at his disposal just opposite the steering wheel. The design is the result of a joint collaboration between Giuseppe Messinese and Federico Fiorentino. And the livery features white colours combined with a red line that wraps around the entire perimeter of the boat. But there is also the option of a dark satin colour, which is both elegant and sporty. And this is undoubtedly our favourite version, because it expresses itself with grace, elegance and great modernity. The Libra Cabin 750 is 7.60 metres long with a beam of 2.45; without engine, the craft weighs 2,650 kilograms. The excitement of small cruises is included.

Clear Marine Srl is present at Genoa Boat Show in pavilion B, booth BA4. Further details are available here.

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