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CMC Marine: Argo system installed aboard two new superyachts

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Argo System by CMC Marine has been installed aboard two prestigious superyachts

cmc marine argo Azimut Grande Trideck
Azimut Grande Trideck

More comfortable and safer navigation and lower fuel consumption. These are just some of the numerous benefits offered by Argo, the innovative CMC Marine’s route control system, which has recently conquered two new superyachts: it was recently installed aboard the 40-meter Flexplorer “Aurelia” of Cantiere delle Marche and the new Grande Trideck of Azimut Yachts.

The Pisan company’s new system, drawing from years of experience onboard yachts and superyachts, was designed to integrate the active surfaces on the boat; the aim is to coordinate the fins and rudders to ensure optimal course stability and, consequently, considerable fuel savings.

Since the development of the two innovative stabilizing fin series, Stabilis Electra and Waveless, and the Directa wheelhouse, the Argo solution to make them communicate and work in harmony was the natural next step.

cmc marine argo Cantiere delle Marche Flexplorer MY Aurelia
Cantiere delle Marche Flexplorer MY Aurelia

On yachts without Argo integration, the stabilizing fins would perceive the motion induced by the rudders and activate automatically to counteract it, thus causing the rudder to respond and resume the original course; the two systems continuously fight in a micro-correction loop.

Thanks to the Argo control system, it is possible to avoid this cycle of continuous movements, thus ensuring excellent course stability, especially in weight bearing and yaw control, as well as a more contained wake, which also leads to fuel savings.

Launched on the market in 2020, Argo is currently installed onboard several yachts, equipped with a variety of systems, both from CMC Marine and other brands. A Directa 140 wheelhouse, 4 Long Range stabilizing fins and Dualis thrusters, all by CMC Marine, are onboard MY Aurelia of Cantiere delle Marche; the Azimut Trideck, on the other hand, has electro-hydraulic steering by a third company, together with High Speed ​​stabilizer fins and Dualis thrusters from CMC Marine. Over the next 12 months, Argo will be installed aboard another 15 latest generation yachts.

Argo integrated system

CMC Marine: Argo, Stabilis Electra and the best of stabilization systems

Stabilis Electra HS60
Stabilis Electra HS60

With its new Cascina (Pisa) facility, CMC Marine has grown and strengthened its position as market leader in the industrial segment of fin stabilizers, steering systems and thrusters for yachts and passenger boats over 16 metres long. Founded in 2005, CMC has its added value in the more than twenty years of experience of its founder and in its approximately 40 employees, mostly engineers.

Its specialized approach, accurate design and its ability to guarantee the performance of its products are the particular features of an innovative, flexible and reliable range, already installed on hundreds of yachts worldwide.

CMC Marine designs and manufactures bow/stern thrusters and the most sophisticated stabilisation systems on the market, including the Stabilis Electra range, the only stabilisation system in the world featuring electric rather than hydraulic operation, thanks to which, in 2011, the company received the Dame Award, the most prestigious accolade for technological innovation in the global boating industry.

Since 2012, Stabilis Electra has been covered by patent (EU PATENT no. 2172394). CMC Marine also holds the patent for the DIA-LOG electronic control system (no. T02012A000472), a standard fitting on all innovative SE Integrated Systems.

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