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CMC marine presents the new range of mini stabilizers in Florida

CMC Marine, the Italian company which has been manufacturing CMC Marine FLIBS stabilizing systems for yachts since 2005, has been once again present at FLIBS. At the boat show held in Fort Lauderdale from October 28th to November 1st, at booth 707 of the Superyacht Pavilion in the Yellow Zone, the Italian manufacturer exhibited the latest ultra-compact STAB 25 stabilizer from the Waveless collection.

The exhibition, considered as the world’s largest in-water boat show, was the occasion to reiterate the strong bond between CMC Marine and the States. In the small town of Florida, in fact, the factory led by Alessandro Cappiello since 2018 has its American headquarters.

CMC-Marine-Waveless-STAB-25 Furthermore, 25% of the yachts equipped with CMC Marine systems sail in the waters between USA and the Caribbean.

Featuring small dimensions and suitable for installation on yachts under 70 feet in length, the new power-operated stabilizer uses the same technology as Stabilis Electra HS60, the system that has made CMC Marine the global leader in the production of stabilizers for superyachts, installed on board the Azimut Grande 27 Metri, exhibited at Azimut Yachts‘ booth.

For years, the belief was that “fin stabilizers” could not be used on medium-sized yachts, where only gyroscopic stabilizers were suitable. Today, instead, CMC Marine overturns the market rules, exploiting the principles of automation robotics and the technologies used for the fins and electronics of the larger models. With an encumbrance of just 9.5 inches, this useful and must-have device is destined to monopolize the segment of boat stabilizers.

In addition to STAB25 (the smallest model with an overall surface of just soli 65 cm², suitable for boats from 40 to 55 feet), the new Waveless range also includes the STAB 30 model for boats from 50 to 78 feet and STAB 40 for boats from 78 to 125 feet.

CMC-Marine-Waveless-STAB-30 CMC-Marine-Waveless-STAB-40

The main strengths of this line are the ease of installation and use (on/off button), as well as speed, quality, almost imperceptible noise and, above all, compact dimensions, thanks to the absence of the mast. The flanges are bolted together and no external element connects the “fin” to the motor. And less mass means less weight. Small but powerful engines, with generous torque already at low revolutions. The Waveless series also includes TRIM, the modular control system. Light, fast and sturdy, it can be integrated with any STAB model for perfect yacht control. Depending on the size and characteristics of the hull, the owner can choose between four different models: 350, 600, 900 and 1100.

CMC-Marine-Waveless-FLIBS CMC-Marine-Waveless-FLIBS-2020

Power absorption is minimal, with an overall average of 2 kW (the same as an induction cooker). The peak values for the three models are 2, 3 and 7 kW respectively. In short, STAB 25 and STAB 30 work even without a generator in motion. They can be powered directly from the batteries, obviously with the help of an inverter.

Assembly is cheap and, above all, easy: the “fin”, for example, aligns itself using the internal software.

With the Waveless line, CMC Marine offers a comfortable, affordable and innovative solution.

Mini stabilizers from CMC Marine Waveless range at FLIBS 2020: small dimensions, great stability.

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