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Innovative products and market foresight capability have always been the main hallmarks of Coelmo, a company that has been manufacturing industrial and marine generating sets since the immediate post-war era. The upcoming Genoa International Boat Show will provide an opportunity to again stress these qualities thanks to the official presentation of an advanced power management system for energy sources on board: the Integra Plus.

Il nuovo Integra Plus di Coelmo
The new Coelmo Integra Plus

The product, which aso includes a 1000 or 2000 kW inverter, has been designed for all those desiring to live their own boat under the best comfort conditions and with an environmentally-friendly approach.

Compared with previous models, the new Integra Plus is more powerful and features more advanced electronic equipment. Consequently, safety and reliability have been significantly improved and they provide even unexperienced yachtsmen with a user-friendly monitoring and management system.

The interface is set to monitor all on-board energy sources in few steps through a direct management of generator, renewable sources, batteries and shore power. All components are monitored by a single EOS® digital control panel.

The control unit is the most complete never designed by Coelmo Marine and is available as an optional within the whole range. Its main role is to constantly show the boat’s energy needs, by selecting and using the most suitable and environmentally-friendly energy source available.

Simply by tuning the TV to your favourite programme, Integra Plus will choose one of the available energy sources (shore power, generator, a renewable source or inverter). The resulting smart power supplyprodotti Coelmo will consistently reduce consumption, with great advantages in terms of money saving and environmental impact.

Furthermore, Integra Plus technology uses a permanent galvanic protection system which efficiently safeguards the boat against galvanic currents.

However, power management is not the only function of Integra Plus. The multifunction system, in fact, encloses a pure sine wave inverter, a battery charger, a UPS and a sophisticated galvanic protection in order to meet all needs while sailing or staying at anchor.

The Coelmo 78 kW FDTM67AR1M marine generating set

The participation to the Genoa International Boat Show will therefore provide a chance for visitors to know the new Integra Plus at Coelmo’s stand C3 inside the Power Village.

Four marine generating sets will be on display at the same stand: the DM600-G (6kW), the soundproof DM600 (6kW), the DML970 (9 kW) and the FDTM67AR1M (78 kW). After a complete on-board test, we already told you about the DM600’s performances; however, we invite you to join the event to admire all the products of the company, including the new Integra Plus.

We also have the honour to invite you on board our lab-boat. Our Daydreamer will be, in fact, docked at F0 berth in the Marina Porto Antico, where she will give you the opportunity to see and test the silent, reliability and compactness performances of Coelmo DM600.



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