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In the age of technology, where there’s a increasingly desire to make everyday life easier and consumption and costs lower, the issue of on-board energy sources control and management plays an important role, too.

COELMO, a company specialized in the production of marine generators, has tried to make this aspect easier with the creation of Integra Plus, an integrated system which makes it possible to have a single and intelligent management of energy sources on board, including the renewable ones, and a consequent reduction in consumption.

For example, if you want to turn our our tv or air conditioner on, Integra Plus activates and immediately chooses, among the energy sources available – quay, generator, renewable source, inverter – the most suitable, with a consequent reduction in energy consumption and a greater respect for the environment.

COELMO Integra Plus controllo fonti energeticheThis way, we can continuously monitor the energy demands of our boats by selecting the most efficient and eco-friendly source among the available ones, according to our need at a precise moment.

Available in 1000 (12 Volt) and 2000 W (12 and 24 Volt) version, Integra Plus also encloses a pure sine wave inverter, a two output battery charger and a UPS. This way, the system can produce uninterrupted power, even in case of external power cut. Moreover, thanks to its embedded inverter, the system helps the generator to produce more power and save more fuel.

The two output battery charger, on the contrary, safeguards service and starting batteries by optimizing charge in the presence of power available aboard. If batteries charge falls below safety levels, Integra Plus automatically activates and recharges the generator.

Integra Plus also encloses a galvanic protection system in order to prevent from potential corrosion damages to metal bottoms, propellers and stabilizers.

The energy sources management is possibile thanks a digital EOS control panel – very simple and user-friendly – which constantly controls the main mechanic and electric parameters of the marine generator.

This compact and integrated system certainly will make installation and maintenance much easier.


Model P1000 P2000
Inverter Specifications
Nominal DC Input Voltage 12/24Vdc 12/24Vdc
Nominal Power 1000W 2000W
AC output voltage 230V, +/- 5% 230V, +/- 5%
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Output waveform true sine wave true sine wave
Max efficiency 92% 92%
Battery charger Specifications
Max Charge Rate 80/40A 80/40A
Charge Voltage Programmable
Battery Type Setting open lead, gel, traction, AGM, spiral open lead, gel, traction, AGM, spiral
Renewable energy sources
Max Power 200 W 200 W
Vdc 100 Vdc 100 Vdc
General features
Galvanic protection Yes Yes
Cooling Forced Forced
Corrente Massima Linea Inverter 4,5A 9A
Construction Details
Dimensions (LxHxP) 330x450x160 mm 330x450x160 mm
Weight 13.5kg 13.5kg



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