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Paola CranchiIt’s our first time at NavigaMi. The choice to use the new dock of Milan for this exhibition was good for us. We are happy, we are a compary operating since 1870 and a reference point in Italian boating. We couldn’t miss it”. Paola Cranchi transmits energy just looking at her. ” We are focusing more and more on this kind of events because they are “easier” than traditional boat shows and people like them”.

Why so much enthousiam for these events?
Today, advertisement increasingly passes through these events. It is important for us that people see our boats and understand that they are something possible. NavigaMi is a perfect opportunity, a unique fashionable location; what’s better than showing our boats to the Milanese, on water and at home?

At NavigaMi you brought your Z35. The biggest boat of the event.
Yes, the dock made it possible. Before, NavigaMi took place along Navigli, a little narrow for us. We chose Z35, that we presented at Cannes last year, and a more everyday boat: Endurance 30.
Z35 is the evolution of Zaffiro 34. Thanks to her new volumes, we managed to re-design the space. This boat can host 6 people at night in two cabins and a dinette, while by day, she can host up to 12 people; cockpit is huge. We conceived her for families and groups of friends. Endurance 30 is more than a day cruiser and she’s very comfortable. I had many cruises with it!

L'Endurance 30 ormeggiato alla Darsena di Milano
Endurance 30 moored at the dock of Milan

What is Cranchi focusing on?
We have worked hard to make our boats more beautiful and elegant, but always provided that Cranchi means sailing. It’s important for us not only to invest on products whose perceived quality is increasing; the hidden quality is essential. The client is very attentive. We work in temperature-controlled spaces and we are the only ones who use robots to spray gelcoat. Our quality is constant”

What does your production timetable envisage for next months?
As regards our production, the world of shuttles – with our40, 43, 53 – goes on well. People has partly understood our phylosophy and they will partly get there. As regards news, we will present our 50 Fly and 50 Hard Top at the Boat Show of Cannes. In 2017/18 we’ll have a new 78-foot-yacht” 

Which boat shows and event will you join?
We’ve two important dates coming up:from June 2 to 5 we’ll be at the Boat Show of Lugano, from June 10 to 13 we’ll be in Marina Punta Faro, in Lignano. Moreover, we’ll present our 50 Fly to journalists, dealers and customers next June. After summer, the Boat Show of Cannes will mark the beginning of a new season. An important appointment for us. cranchi-navigami-2-



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