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Centrostiledesign. Davide Cipriani takes us on board the new Sessa C44 and Sessa C38

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The new Sessa C44 and Sessa C38 presented by Davide Cipriani

I have known Davide Cipriani for some yearsDavide Cipriani Sessa C44 and, since I met him for the first time, I have always appreciated his ability to combine his great creative skills with unparalleled pragmatism. Frank and direct, Davide speaks wholeheartedly and his visions leave little room to chance.

This is why, when he offered to show me his latest creations, designed for Sessa Marine – the Sessa C44 and the Sessa C38 – I could not pass up the chance and I promptly joined him in his booth. Examining boats with their designer means to capture their essence straight from the source before the unavoidable ” advertising covering” tarnishes the original vision of their creator.

Il nuovo Sessa C38
The new Sessa C38

When I arrived at the stand of Sessa Marine, both boats immediately appeared in all their glory, with their sophisticated clear lines which enhance, without distorting, the sporty character of this line. The streamlined design of windows goes perfectly with the lines of the deadwork, creating a motif which successfully mirrors the intended use of these boats while flooding interiors with a great amount of natural light and a sensation of extreme spaciousness, as we shall see.

However, these two boats not only mark the beginning of a more sophisticated design but reflect a new way to interpret yachting that Centrostiledesign (yes, all one word) is developing.

” We’ve carried out many interventions in order to beSessa C44 cabin consistent with a more upscale market segment”, told me Davide Cipriani while we were looking at the boats. ” Externally, both windows and air vents shape a very interesting “face lift” while interior design and new materials give us the possibility of exploiting brightness coming from outside in order to create,  even through refraction, glossy-opaque contrasts which enhance interior volumes”.

Against this background, we climbed on board the first boat.




Sessa C44

Sessa C44 main deckWe’re immediately welcomed by a large bright cockpit. Refined colour combinations shape a really stunning environment where nothing is left to chance while the noblest of materials – wood – perfectly fits with the surrounding décor, following a trend which has unfortunately become unusual over the last few years.

The main deck has a key role in transmitting the typical values of an pure open boat; we only need to look around to realize how this cockpit merges with the surrounding element, the sea. On the starboard side, the pilot house faces a nice external wet bar/kitchenette while, on the left, a large sofa and a table don’t prevent passengers from moving free on board. Abaft, a large sun pad crowns the safe passage leading to the aft right-sized pilot house.


Sessa C44 dinette

Below deck, interior design is immediately palpable. Sophistication, elegance and functionality are all there. The whole without forgetting the intended use and real nature of this boat.Sessa C44

Glossy-opaque, clear-dark, leather-nabuk contrasts contribute to give a sensation of spaciousness which goes significantly beyond the real size of interiors.

However, it’s only in the cabins- a fore master cabin and an aft VIP one – that the role of windows finds its highest expression.

Even if not too high, the VIP cabin is our favourite cabin. Here, the sensation of spaciousness provided by the size of windows maximizes colour contrasts, shaping an environment that is so virtual that we had to ask whether the size of mattresses was actually the same one as in the master cabin (because they looked bigger).




Sessa C38

Sessa C38 dinetteClimbing on the bathing platform, we found a table and a little sofa on the left and a double chaise lingue forward.

On the starboard side, the same layout already seen on the Sessa 44, with two pilot seats and a wet bar equipped with a hotplate abaft.

Below deck, we witnessed the second miracle of the day. The play of mirrors and windows arrangement offer a really stunning atmosphere where volumes look much bigger than one could perceive on a boat which is just over 11 meters long.

Positioned forward, the master cabin features a very large mattress and generous walking spaces. A set of shelves all around, as well as a little closet located at the foot of the bed, guarantees excellent storage capacity.

Although significantly smaller than its counterpart on boardSessa C38 guest cabin the Sessa 44, the guest cabin benefits from a fresh, relaxing environment flooded with a huge amount of natural light coming from lateral windows.

The galley uses every single millimeter available. Positioned on the starboard side, at the foot of the ladder leading to the dinette, it is well-equipped and perfect for summer cruises. In this case, too, materials and reflecting surfaces engender an unparalleled sensation of spaciousness.




Sessa C38 galley

The Sessa C38 features just one bathroom. We totally agree with this choice, especially if we consider the real length of the boat and the possibility to enjoy a wide bathroom with separate shower compartment.



In our opinion, Centrostiledesign was not only able to design two beautiful boats. Compared with her predecessors of the Sessa open line, the Sessa C44 and the Sessa C38 mark a historic step forward. Even if significantly different from each other, they share some features which make this new line immediately recognizable.

The boatyard has not commented on this but I personally think that what we are currently facing is the launch of a new product line which, combining refined materials, high-quality finishes and excellent design, considerably raises the bar of owners’ expectations.

But if you think that innovations are over, you’re dead wrong; “ We’re dealing with semi-custom boats, an unsual concept for boats of this size”, said Cinzia Grottoli, Marketing Manager f the boatyard . ” I not only mean colours, which are offered in multiple options,  but also the concrete possibility to customize the boat according to one’s own tastes and needs“.

This is a statement which inevitably suggests a new path for the historic Italian brand.

Attractive, spacious and functional, these new Sessa boats have impressed us. But…what about performances?

The boatyard has already promised us a sea trial and we’re looking forward to testing them because, even if boat shows are interesting, we prefer feeling the wind on our face…


Sessa C44 and Sessa C38 – Technical Specs

Sessa C44 Sessa C38
Length Overall 13.85 m 11.70 m
EC Certifying length 12,60 m 11.50 m
Beam 3.99 m 3.75 m
Engine MAX 870HP/640KW MAX. 760 HP/ 560 KW
Max speed 38.2 kn / 2 x VP IPS 600 D6 (2 X 435 Hp) 36 kn / 2 x VP D4-300 (2 x 300 HP)
Propulsion System IPS Sterndrive
Cabins 2 2
Displacement with engine 9.8 t 9.3 t
Passenger Capacity 12 12
Fuel Tank Capacity 2X445 l 2×445 l
Water Tan Capacity 277 l 286 l
Draft 0.76 m 0.96 m
Sewage Tank Capacity 110 l 110 l
Berths 4 + 1 4+1
Bathing Platform 3,60 x 1,08 m 3,3 x 0,9 m
Design Category B B


Sessa C44

deckSessa C44 interiors









Sessa C38


Sessa C38 deckSessa C38 interiors

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