dead fish in Spain
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We receive and publish two videos sent by a reader of ours.

They were shot in the bay of the Island of Toxa Grande, also known as Isla de la Toja, in Galicia, Spain.

The video shows a mysterious case of dead fish, similar to rays or stingrays.


The video maker claims he reported finding to authorities without receiving any response.

This is a mollusc and crustacean farming area and what has happened might therefore pose a threat to farming activities.

Moreover, the area is full of fish (even if, as our reader explains, in the area where dead fish was found, fishing is forbidden) and this fish is not generally considered desirable on the market.


Even though natural death is not excluded, it appears to be a makeshift cemetery for fish waste or predators killed to defend  farms.

Anyway, we wonder whether a similar massacre is the best solution and whether “disposal procedures” are the correct ones.


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