boat crash in Key West

Fear and loathing in Key West, two racing powerboats crash during the offshore race: crews unharmed. The video

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Race World Offshore, the pilots leading the race cause a spectacular accident

The accident occurred on the first day of competition, shocking spectators and going around the net in a very short time.

Fear in Key West, two speed boats collide. A few days after the end of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, boating in Florida continues to make news with a dangerous event that, fortunately, caused no injuries: everyone in the teams involved is ok and was successfully rescued.

What happened

The dramatic event took place on the first day of the competition during the fifth lap of the Super Stock race. The accident involved the LPC and Team boats which were leading the race. As you can see in the video above, the boats, at the moment when they paraded in front of the spectators, not far from the halfway point, crossed their own trajectory and what happened in the following few seconds was irreversible.

The bow of both boats, indeed, came into contact, making it impossible for both crews to continue navigating: the two boats rose perpendicular to the water. The second video shows the moment when the two boats collided for the first time, causing panic among spectators. Following the first contact, both boats managed to move forward, “bow-to-bow” before landing upside-down.

After about 10 seconds marked by the general concern and the arrival of sea rescuers, the spectators rejoiced when they saw the red helmets of the pilots move and come out of the water, holding onto the upturned hulls of the boats. The four pilots were immediately rescued.

Race World Offshore, at full speed

Race World Offshore organizes the most important offshore motorboat competitions in the United States, involving the most experienced and winning teams of the world. The event takes place over three days and includes many races.

When the two motorboats, during the first day of the competition on November 6th, raced in parallel and flipped at full speed, they were in Key West, an island off the coast of Florida.

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