The world’s biggest sailing yacht: 141 metres of wood

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Its name is Dream Symphony and once its building will be concluded in 2017, with a 141 metres length and a 18 metres beam it will become the world’s biggest sailing yacht ever built.

The never-ending duel between EOS and Maltese Falcon will thus come to an end. It’s been quite a battle, with the Falcon claiming for leadership by considering its waterline length of 256′, 20′ more than the one of EOS, while EOS has always declared itself the biggest sailing yacht thanks to the bowsprit, with a total length of 305′.

EOS sailing yacht

maltese falcon perini

Dream Symphony will serve as a peacemaker, since when its building will be completed next year, it will be without any doubt the world’s biggest private sailing ship.

Designed by Ken Freivokh and Dykstra Naval Architects Studio, those who signed Maltese Falcon blueprints, Symphany will have four masts for a total sailing area of 5.000 sq.m.

biggest sailing yacht

It will have two decks, with a clear division between the owner’s area and guests and crew areas. A swimming pool will be built at stern, with a upholstery capable of sustaining the weight of a helicopter. The yacht is being built at Dream Ship Victory shipyard, Turkey.


To make the project even more interesting is the fact Dream Symphony is being built mainly of wood, that is a real technological challenge since beyond a certain length traditional planking cannot be used because of the strain and stress the yacht is undergoing. Builders made an assembly work with laminates in order to create a solid and robust hull, completing the building with fiberglass as an external protective layer.

The wood used in the making is iroko, a highly resistant wood that will absorbe the huge amount of work originating from the mast compression, stays and waves solicitation.


Luxury onboard doesn’t only apply to materials and finishings but to spaces as well. There will be only 18 guests and 9 cabins onboard, while the crew will be made up of 32 members.

Price? That’s a question you shouldn’t ask.

Technical file

LOA                 141 mt

Beam                18 mt

Max draugh     8 mt

Engines            2 X 6700 HP total

Materials         Wooden and epoxy hull – teak bridge – aluminum, epoxy and wooden superstructures


  1. Hi, I am a Cabinet maker&Joiner, I am 67 years young I have been in the game since I was 15 years old, may be I can help with the timber ship, kind regards David.

  2. This is an extremely significant engineering undertaking.
    I’ll be following the progress, companies and personnel who will be contributing their life’s work on this “for professionals only” vessel.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the specifications and engineering systems.
    Let me know if you need any trans-Atlantic delivery crew.
    Hopefully we’ll see Dream Symphony in Bermuda.
    I’ve got the resume for joining the deck, engineering & bridge crew for some of your longer passages.
    Good luck!
    ~ Pete

  3. One of my pet peeves is when they call vessels it instead of she it is highly disrespectful and very lubberly
    Good luck with the Turks I try to start my business down there 10 years ago and the young Turkish naval architect told me don’t believe a thing we say we lie about everything one day he would save it say to me he can supply 20 men at 8 Euros an hour the next day he would put it up to 12 I never knew where I was so I gave up

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