Elan GT5
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The “queen” of Nautic 2016 is certainly new Elan GT5, which was the most “visited” and appreciated among sailing boats at the first weekend of the event.

With a length of 13 metres, she’s the first model of a new range which aims to combine racing performances with cruising comfort.Pozzetto Elan GT5

This is immediately evident from her aggressive stretched waterlines (designed, as usual, by Rob Humphreys) and a deckhouse hiding a large bright raised saloon. It’s not by chance that Matic Klemenc, Marketing Manager of Elan Yachts, who told us the boat together with Gigi Coretti of Adriaship, defined new GT5 as ” a racing boat  for the ladies to enjoy as well“.

Dinette Elan GT5Of course, the mission is not easy but what we can say is that our first sensation when we walked down the stepladder was really surprising. First of all, astonishes the choice to reverse the traditional interior layout by moving the kitchen close to the fore bulkhead in order to dedicate the widest part of the hull to the dinette.

On the other hand, this boat has some very large windows which, combined with clear woods and fabrics, makes her appear some metres longer (inner height is 17 cm more than S5).

Tactile impressions, too, are positive: as Klemenc explained us, the boat uses high-qualit woods and fabrics, available in a larger and more luxury range than the other series.Cucina Elan GT5

On the construction level, the inner structure is infused at the same time as the hull so the hull and the inner structure are one single piece. Elan Yachts calls this technological procedure 3D VAIL

GT5 is available with a two or three cabin interior layout, with one or two bathrooms. One of them is located at the foot of the stepladder (and it gets larger and equipped with a separated shower bow if you choose the two-cabin layout), while the second is forward and inside the V-shaped cabin.

Poppa Elan GT5In the deck, we particularly liked: the smart system which lowers the two wings of the table in the cockpit which, this way, become two large sunbathing platforms; the considerable height of backrests which, together with the high deckhouse, provides the central cockpit with greater protection; the transom, which can be equipped with a BBQ and a sink.

The basic price of GT5, in her three-cabin layout with a bathroom, is 189 thousand euros, VAT excluded. This way, the Slovenian yard enters the world of brands specialized in “luxury sports”.

Elan GT5

Elan GT 5 – Technical File

Overall length 13.20 m
Waterline Length 11.58 m
Width 3.91 m
Draught 2.45 m
Displacement 8,100 kg
Ballast 2,700 kg
Water Tank Capacity 250 l
Fuel Tank Capacity 190 l
Engine 38 HP
Design Category A
Project Humphreys Yacht Design & Elan Design Team


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