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Eleva Yachts is a new brand in Italian boat industry. Its first model is named “The Fifty” and is an innovative fast cruiser designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli.

There is no doubt that the pencil of Giovanni Ceccarelli is synonym with fast sailing. The famous designer has already designed many boats that have remained engraved in the memory of sailors, such as  “Dimore del Garda”, the Quarter Ton racing yachts, the acclaimed series of Azuree yachts and the latest Grand Soleil 80, which we have already talked about in our magazine. Ceccarelli has even been the “Principal Designer” of two important challenges of America’s Cup: in New Zealand (2000) with Mascalzone Latino and with +39Challenge in 2007. Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli

Eleva Yachts results from the experience of Carbon Line, one among the Italian leading brands in the production of composite materials that has already produced over 100 boats.  

Eleva Yachts is a new brand with a specific mission: to build high-quality sailing boats devoted to both recreational boating and fast cruising experiences, where seaworthiness and comfort merge with the pleasure of sailing. In order to achieve these goals, the structure of every model is designed by a team of experts that use the best of contemporary technology to build high-performance boats.

More specifically, The Fifty is the first concept and the first – and smallest – boat of a series of larger boats destined to become a reference in the fast cruise segment.

Easy handling, ensured even with small crew, easy-to-use rigging and the project itself, entirely achieved in line with Class A sailing standards, give this boat all the typical qualities of a cruiser built to sail in any sea condition.

Design is clear but unmistakable and allows the boat to stand out in the arena of competitors. The fast hull will make the difference in both racing challenges and fast long-range cruises.

Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli

The concept

Ceccarelli Yacht Design Studio has taken care of different aspects: hull lines, interior and exterior design, deck layout and structures. Supported by the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) system, both interior and exterior design have been created and developed starting from hull lines, specifically designed for a medium-light displacement. A real innovation in the world of sailboats is represented by the sheerline that, in addition to provide the project with great personality, allows for a high bow and a light deckhouse which immediately stops before the mast by creation one among the main hallmarks of this boat. Loof lines, designed to deflect water, confirms an extremely functional design.

Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli TreQuarti

Water lines

Large A-line aft sections, rather narrow near the waterline and with considerable fore volumes, suggest the idea of a stable dynamic boat, probably fast in any speed and wind conditions. The great shape holding suggests a certain easy handling and satisfaction in steering this yacht, preferably at high speed and with the use of gennaker. Hull lines have been specifically designed to exceed critical speed, both under power and when sailing. The double rudder definitively expresses the nature of this hull, designed to obtain easy handling and excellent course holding.

Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli lato

Deck and sail plan

The sail plan features a mast positioned amidships which provides with a well-balanced canvas distribution at all speeds. The sail plan includes a 90% fractional rig, a 104% LPG genoa, a fore stay sail and a Code 0 mounted on the boom where the gennaker, too, can be installed.

Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli interni


The hull is laminated with glass fibers and epoxy resin infused in three steps: the first phase consists in the infusion of external layer; the second is the vacuum gluing of the core while the third step consists in the infusion of the inner layer. The structures of the hull are, in their turn, infused with epoxy resin. Carbon is used for the reinforcements of structures, including the keel support. Bulwarks are all structural, infused with epoxy resins, glued and resined on board. Structural chainplates are all made of carbon and vacuum-laminated. The deck is entirely made of carbon and infused epoxy resins. This solution allows to lower the barycenter, reduce upper weights and make the hull-deck whole more rigid.

In order to optimize the best qualities of epoxy resin, all models are then treated in a larger oven at 80 degrees. The keel is made of high-resistance box-shaped steel with lead bulb in order to lower the gravity center ad increase stability.


Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli interni2

Technical specifications

Eleva Yachts The Fifty Giovanni Ceccarelli interni2

Technical details
Length overall (with bowsprit) m 16.50 ft 54,12
Hull length m 15.24 ft 49,99
LWL – Light dspl m 13.85 ft 45,43
Waterline width/ BMAX m 4.86 ft 15,94
Draft – Standard m 2.87 ft 9,41
Draft -Short keel m 2.45 ft 8,04
Unladen displacement kg 10500 lbs 23100
Laden displacement kg 12900 lbs 28380
Standard Ballast kg 3900 lbs 8580
Engine Volvo cv 75 Volvo hp 75
Sail area upwind mq 154 ft 1657.64
Mainsail mq 88 ft 947.22
Jib mq 66 ft 710.42
Gennaker mq 240 ft 2583.34
P m 20.5 ft 67.24
E m 6.8 ft 22.30
I m 20.6 ft 67.57
J m 6.0 ft 19.68
LPG MAX m 6.3 ft 20.66
Fuel lt 270 gal 52,00
Water lt 510 gal 114,4
Hot water lt 40 gal 10,40
Grey water lt 45 gal 11,70
Black water lt 90 gal 23,40
CE Category A A
Naval Architecture:  Ceccarelli Yacht Design
Exterior and interior design:  Ceccarelli Yacht Design
Engineering: Ceccarelli Yacht Design


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