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MAR.CO unveils the ultimate novelty of the Emotion 36 equipped with fiberglass T-Top

Attractive, seductive, aggressive. Fitted emotion-36-t-top-mercury-450-racing with two black-and-red Mercury 450 Racing engines, which chromatically match the rest of the boat, she looks like a caged lioness eager to raise hell. Outside, however, the weather conditions do not allow us to make fire and flames in the open sea; so, we have to be content with a quiet visit on board, moored at the dock.

This means that we have more time to see first-hand all the comfort elements of the E-Motion 36, the flaghship of the MAR.CO shipyard which, at the 60th Genoa Boat Show, unveiled in world premiere the great innovation that characteriazes its flagship Maxi Rib, that is the fiberglass T-Top that makes the boat even more captivating.

Let’s start from the stern, where two large lateral platforms, enveloping the two outboards, lead to an extraordinarily comfortable and safe cockpit.

One of the main features of the E-Motion, in fact, is safety, which goes hand in hand with speed. When sitting in the living zone of this Maxi Rib over 10 meters long and 3.5 meters wide, you feel like being in a real lounge thanks to the high backrests and two side openings that create a large U-shaped sofa. In the stern, you feel comfortable and protected even when sailing at high speed.


The E-Motion 36 is an extraordinarily chameleonic and functional boat. From the floor (completely covered in seadeck), through an electro-hydraulic mechanism, a very large table appears and transforms the cockpit into a superyacht dinette with a kitchen top and a 100-liter refrigerator.

There are many storage compartments throughout the boat, cleverly hidden underneath the various seats (there is even one in the transom for fenders). Furthermore, as proof of the high flexibility and practicality level of the 36, the side decks fold over so that, by deflating the tubulars, the boat can be transported on the road. The cockpit, equipped with the most advanced navigation tools, is another corner of comfort. Not to mention the double seat, enveloping and excellently positioned to guarantee an excellent view.


Even more dynamic lines and greater protection at the helm

emotion-36-t-top-dockLet’s talk about the brand-new T-Top. Dressed in a shiny and elegant black, it is entirely made of fiberglass, with the only exception of the two stainless steel support poles.

Despite having been retrofitted, this T-Top integrates naturally with the deckhouse, the 45-degree inclined windscreen and the whole deck. So, it doesn’t give the idea of being an additional accessory but, on the contrary, gives continuity to the boat which, compared to the version without T-Top, is even more dynamic and sporty.

The T-Top guarantees protection to the pilot, keeping him sheltered from the sun or rain and offering a comfortable access even from the sides. Moreover, it is designed to incorporate various accessories, such as lights and speakers.

We sat at the helm and, with the T-Top covering our heads, we felt as we were in a control room. Shame we could not give vent to the engines.

By the way: while emotion-36-t-top-driverthe version without T-Top can reach 57 knots, the team of the shipyard assures us that the maximum speed, even with the T-Top, changes little. We trust blindly, but, precisely for this reason, we are looking forward to testing the boat at full throttle.

The bow sundeck is an open-air solarium and, since, as mentioned above, the attention to safety is a categorical imperative at MAR.CO, two solid handrails could not be missing on the fiberglass tracks along the bow.

The spaces of the Emotion 36 T-Top continue abundatly even below deck, where the sleeping zone consists of a large master cabin (sofas turn into a double bed) and a bathroom with separate shower box. The interior design is essential but sophisticated.

In conclusion, the E-Motion 36, which was exhibited in water with the E-Motion 32, R-Evolution 35 and Twentysix T-Top during the Italian event, is a fully-equipped Maxi Rib, capable of combining the typical sporty spirit of MAR.CO boats with an extraordinary liveability on board, which is another unavoidable precept of the Italian shipyard. And, with a T-Top like this, she is even cooler.


Emotion 36 T-Top: Technical Specs

Overall Length 10.70 m
Interior Length 9.49 m
Maximum Beam 3.60 m
Tubular Diameter 50-64 cm
Number of Compartments 7
Dry Weight 3,200 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity 830 l
Water Tank Capacity 277 l
Engines 2 x Mercury 450 Racing




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