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Evo R6 Open: beautiful, audacious and extraordinarily functional

Evo R6 Open: here is the latest masterpiece by Valerio  Rivellini

If you thought you have already seen Evo R6 at seaeverything, the Evo 43 first and the Evo R4 now will make you change your mind. The new flagship by Evo Yachts, while maintaining the “family feeling” which has considerably contributed to its popularity, manages to give new meanings to the word “Open” in a market that really needs it.

With the Evo R6, the young and well-known Italian designer Valerio Rivellini has certainly outdone himself, designing a 18-meter yacht which convinces not only for its lines but also for the ability to satisfy the numerous functions that every boat should be able to offer to its owner, above and below deck.

Evo R6 Sea Trial

Evo R6 navigationComfort. This is the first term you think of after sailing on board the Evo R6 Open. The new Evo Yachts’ flagship has definitively above-average marine qualities, which become immediately perceivable once on plane. Capable of cutting through the waves in a way that to call soft would be an unserstatement, the boat shows characteristics worthy of a sporty boat even when turning.

What is even more surprising, especially considering that we are on board a pure open yacht, is silence which, even when sailing at above 30 knots, shows an excellent insulation of the engine room combined with a well-studied protection from speed wind.

Evo R6 gets up on plane, assuming you notice that given the fluidity of the change of state, at 11-12 knots.

Evo R6 under wayEvo R6 speed

At around 20 knots, the yacht starts to sail Evo R6 sternon it hull lines. On board, everything is quite and safe; you can walk and get every zone of the boat in total safety.

I push the throttles all forward and the IPS 950 make the boat run at over 30 knots. Adjusting the trim, we finally reach 34 knots: not bad, for a 18-meter of this kind.

At maximum speed, I perfom some quick turns. Evo R6 Open tilts a little and draws a perfect circle in the water, about fifty meters in diameter. The hull keeps the yacht nailed to its course, we sail as if we were on the tracks. It’s really fun and, above all, very safe.

I adjust the speed to test the cruising speed which, at 2,000 rpm, allows us to sail at over 23 knots with a fuel consumption of just 7.7 l/nm, which is a further proof of the hull quality.

Evo R6 Open: Performance

RPM Knots l/h lt/nm
600 6.9 9.4 1.4
1,000 9.8 32 3.3
1,200 10.5 53 5.0
1,400 12.3 82 6.7
1,600 16.3 114 7.0
1,800 19.1 142 7.4
2,000 23.1 177 7.7
2,200 29.1 236 8.1
2,400 34.2 284 8.3


As mentioned above, in the case of the Evo R6, the term “Open” takes on connotations that goes beyond the mere concept of space. The Evo E6, in fact, is not only incredibly spacious but is also strikingly chameleonic: thanks to the electro-hydraulic “XTension” system, the cockpit, which in itself is already a sort of lounge suspended between the sky and sea, expands through the displacement of the lateral bulkheads towards the outside, transforming it into a large beach area. Without forgetting the vastness of the aft platform, which is a sort of floating stage.

Evo R6 XTension systemEvo R6 stern platform

Passengers can enjoy two maxi sundecks: a huge one in the middle of the stern and a highly comfortable one in the bow. On board the Evo R6, the “walk-around” phylosophy finds its highest expression: the side-decks lead to the bowdeck in a very stable and safe way, well-protected by the wide sides. The direct contact with the sea, however, is a feeling you can experience throughout the boat, due to its clear open vocation.

Evo R6 cockpitEvo-R6-table

We’re facing not only a dimensional masterpiece but also a boat to be enjoyed with friends, designed with the involvement of the people on board in mind: on the Evo R6, spaces adapt to people and not vice versa. The steering console, protected by a sturdy steel T-Top, is integrated into the convivial area, consisting of a chaise longue positioned next to the wheelhouse, while the outdoor galley is behind the cockpit.



The sense of order, minimalism and elegance continues below deck, where habitability and refinement blend perfectly.


The interior layout of the Evo R6 Open is an invitation to conviviality and relaxation: althouth being a pure open yacht, it offers good comfort and headroom even in the sleeping zone, where no detail is left to chance.


The ladder leading from the companionway to the lower deck is made up of four backlit plexiglas steps. In addition to the dinette, there is a very elegant master cabin in the bow, two double guest cabins in the stern, and two bathrooms.


Evo R6 Open: Technical Specs

LOA 17.71 m
LH 17.66 m
Waterline length 15.58 m
Max beam 5.31 m
Beam with pen bulwarks 31 m
Draft 1.30 m
Laden Displacement 25 t
Unladen Displacement 21 t
Fuel Capacity 2,100 l
Water Capacity 510 l
Engines Volvo Penta IPS 800 (625 HP) / Volvo Penta IPS 950 (725 HP)
Maximum Speed 35 kn
Cruising Speed 28 kn
Range 280 nm
Cabins 2-3 + crew
Bathrooms 2-3
Passengers Capacity 12-16 people
Builder Blue Emme Yachts
Interior and Exterior Design Valerio Rivellini
Hull and Engineering Valerio Rivellini
Design Category A-B



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